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Long Drive Champion Troy Mullins
Long Drive Champion Troy Mullins

Celebrity Golfer

Troy Mullins Has a Grip on Golf and Her Next Challenge

Long Drive Champion Troy Mullins is one of the longest hitting women in Golf and the newest Brand Ambassador for Lamkin Golf Grips.

Women's world long drive champion Troy Mullins

Courtesy Lamkin | Champion Troy Mullins

Women’s world long drive champion Troy Mullins has emerged as one of the most popular and recognizable figures in the world of competitive long driving. Mullins won her first World Long Drive event at the 2017 Mile High Showdown. She broke the women’s world record for the longest drive with a blast of 402 yards and is still one of only four women to break the coveted 400-yard mark in competition. Mullins is on a mission to enhance and better her game and fulfill her dream of playing on the LPGA Tour one day.

Over the years, leading golf brands from equipment to apparel manufacturers have recognized Mullin’s talent and appeal, and have signed her as a brand ambassador. Mullins currently represents prestigious brands such as J Lindeberg, PXG, and, most recently, Lamkin, a manufacturer of premium golf grips. 

Mullins will help to promote Lamkin’s brand products worldwide, particularly the new Calibrate lines, which she helped launch at the 2020 PGA Merchandise Show earlier this year.

During the 2020 competitions, Mullins will use the new Sonar+ Tour Calibrate, which features Lamkin’s pioneering Calibrate Technology. It helps optimize hand placement, clubface awareness, control and feel, for better shot-making and lower scores. 

Women's world long drive champion Troy Mullins

Courtesy PXG

Troy shared her initial observations about Calibrate, “In just a week, I feel so much more control and confidence in my short game, and obviously the long game I have, so I want to marry the two and put it together,” says Mullins of the Lamkin Sonar+ Tour Calibrate.

As part of the multi-year agreement, Mullins will appear in the company’s marketing campaigns, on social media channels, and using Lamkin Calibrate grips on her personal PXG clubs during competitions, clinics, corporate appearances, and long drive content engagements. 

“Troy is one of golf’s true rising stars, as, beyond everything she’s accomplished on the long drive circuit, she also has her sights set on making a run at the LPGA Tour” 

– Bob Lamkin, CEO of Lamkin Grips

“Anyone who generates as much power and torque as Troy understands the immense benefits of having a grip that provides traction, comfort, and durability. With Lamkin grips, she can go from 80% to 100% and have total confidence that her grip is working in sync with her swing to deliver the clubhead consistently and reliably”, says Mr. Lamkin.

“The grip is the ultimate physical connection a golfer has with the club”

– Troy Mullins

“Until experiencing a ribbed golf grip, I didn’t realize how much I was missing out on,” shared Mullins. “The grip is the ultimate physical connection a golfer has with the club, so whether I’m competing in World Long Drive competitions or working on my short game, I need to be confident that even with the sweat and adrenaline my hands aren’t going to slip. I am so looking forward to 2020.”

Mullins joins PGA TOUR superstar Justin Rose and renowned instructor Travis Fulton as Lamkin brand ambassadors. 

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