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Luxury Tech Redefined: VERTU Launches METAVERTU2 AI Phone

Combining Blockchain and Chatgpt, VERTU’s METAVERTU2 Sets a New Standard for Secure and Intelligent Mobile Experiences.

Luxury Tech Redefined: VERTU Launches METAVERTU2 AI Smartphone
Courtesy Vertu

In a groundbreaking move unveiled during FINTECH WEEK in Hong Kong, British luxury mobile brand VERTU introduced the METAVERTU2 Smartphone, a fusion of Web3 and AI technology. Building upon the success of its first-generation Web3 phone, the METAVERTU2 takes intelligence and security to new heights, earning its title as the “One More Brain” AI phone.

AI and Web3.0 Revolutionizing Privacy

Artificial intelligence, particularly tools like ChatGPT, is propelling humanity into a new era of intelligence. METAVERTU2 leads the way by incorporating Web 3.0 blockchain technology as a security foundation. With dual AI models running in parallel, it strikes a perfect balance between user experience and privacy. METAVERTU2 crafts a learned “Second Brain,” integrating global knowledge with personal information, providing users with a truly private and personalized AI experience.

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Courtesy Vertu

Courtesy Vertu

One Machine, Three Systems

METAVERTU2 introduces VERTU’s upgraded encrypted system, METASPACE, allowing different fingerprint locks for different systems. This groundbreaking feature enables the creation of privacy systems, providing secure mobile experiences with one mobile phone, three systems, and four WeChats. Additional features, such as one-click destruction and timed restoration, elevate the personalized and secure mobile experience.

Flagship Luxury and Cutting-Edge Configuration

Beyond its technological advancements, METAVERTU2 showcases British luxury design and performance. Equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen2 chip, oversized synthetic VC, and a 5100mAh ultra-large-capacity battery with 65W ultra-fast charging, it ensures high-load applications and games are a seamless experience. The smartphone, available in various editions, including carbon fiber and crocodile leather, is a symbol of sophistication and uniqueness. Prices range from $5100 to $8100, with advanced customization options for premium leathers, rare metals, and gemstones.

Courtesy Vertu

Unveiling the Future of AI Phones

Evolving from its first generation, the METAVERTU2 marks a significant leap in AI and Web3 integration. Its launch event showcased an expansion of intellectual capabilities, upgrades to its functionalities, and a level of emotional accompaniment that redefines the relationship between users and smart devices. As VERTU continues to push boundaries, the METAVERTU2 injects new vitality into the stagnant mobile phone industry, paving the way for a future where everyone can have their own omnipotent butler in the form of an AI phone.

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