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Top Superfoods for Golfers

The key to a better golf game is also hidden in what you eat.

By Halona Black  |  Sept 12, 2017

Golf is a battle of wits and what you eat can enhance your golf game just as much as it can block you from playing your best. That means that if your idea of a power lunch is a hot dog with chips and a soda, then there definitely is room for improvement.

Superfoods are nutrient dense foods that not only help to keep your body in shape, but it can also help do the following:

  • boost your creativity so that you can build a winning game strategy
  • increase your cognitive function
  • improve your hand and eye coordination
  • sharpen your visual focus
  • build your overall sense of self esteem and well being

Let’s take a look at some superfoods that promise to give your brain the boost you need to play at your best.

Pre-Game Meals

A good breakfast will always set you up for success. Rather than relying on sugar-filled cereals and pastries that spike your blood sugar and leave you feeling fatigued before noon, why not build your energy stores with these superfoods.


Studies have shown that blueberries may protect the brain from oxidative stress reducing the effects of conditions like dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Try adding a cup of fresh, frozen or freeze-dried blueberries to a bowl of hot oatmeal, whole grain pancakes, or making it part of a fruit salad.


Avocados are an underutilized breakfast ingredient that can be used for a lot more than just guacamole. They are well known for helping to lower blood pressure, giving your more blood flow to your brain. Avocados are a neutral tasting fatty fruit that can be added to any smoothie to give it a creamy texture. It’s the perfect, healthy alternative to dairy. Also try adding sliced avocado to toast with tomato and a couple of slices of your favorite bacon for those with a heartier appetite.

Superfood Snacks and Lunches

What you eat while you play is just as important as your pre-game meal. A healthy snack or lunch can give your body the sustained energy you need to drive a golf ball way across the green.

Nuts and Seeds

Vitamin E can help with maintaining cognitive function as you age. An ounce of brazil nuts, peanuts, almonds, cashews, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds can be added to your favorite trail mix recipe. Natural nut butters like tahini or almond butter can be used as a dip for apple slices or eaten by the spoonful as an easy source of energy.

Wild Salmon

Wild salmon is filled with omega-3 essential fatty acids – a nutritional element that is important to brain function. Whether pan fried, roasted or steamed, you can enjoy salmon on top of a fresh green salad, or accompanied by your favorite roasted vegetables with rice. Don’t have wild salmon on hand? Try other deep water fish like herring or sardines.

Whole Grains

Whole grains like brown rice, millet, or even popcorn can be part of a wholesome snack or lunch. Add a couple of cups of homemade popcorn to a small bag and season it with your favorite spices like sea salt and garlic powder. Brown rice and millet can bulk up your favorite salads. Try making a turkey, brie and apple sandwich on a whole grain wrap or flatbread for a quick meal that also travels well.

Your food is much more important to your best golf game than many people realize. Take the time to add some of these healthy foods to your regular meals and take note of how they make you feel.

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