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golf lovers day
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It’s National Golf Lovers Day: Celebrate October 4, 2022

There are many reasons for Golf Lovers to celebrate the world’s most beautiful sport.

For golf lovers, it can be addictive, exhilarating and dispiriting, stylish, thrilling and embarrassing, joyous and depressing.

Golf is one of the world’s oldest and most admirable sports. No other sporting activity encompasses all the emotional spectrums like golf — and that’s why we and millions of others are golf lovers!

If you live in a seasonal climate region, some golf courses will be closing soon for winter. Celebrate National Golf Lovers Day, hit the links, and play a round or two. Enjoy a few competitive and friendly laughs with your fellow golfers. While golf can drive even the most outstanding players completely bonkers, hitting just one good shot means you can’t wait to tee it up again.

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Golf lovers share a great hobby

Credit: Rohnisch

Golf lovers share a great hobby

Credit: Rohnisch

Golf lovers share a great hobby

Golf is a rare hobby that combines exercise, the great outdoors, dedicated time with others, skill, and friendly competition. Anyone can pick up a club and hit the course — which makes golf a great way to spend some time alfresco and away from the cell phone, computer screens, TVs, and the daily grind.

Golf lovers experience Zen

Credit: Portmarnock

Golf lovers experience Zen

You’ve heard of a runner’s high? Golf lovers have their own version of the elevated experience. It takes place on an uncrowded golf course, walking quietly around the beautiful green landscape, proceeding at a leisurely pace as you soak it all in.

golf lovers group

Credit: Manors

Golf is for everyone

One of the game’s most excellent benefits for golf lovers is that women, men, and children can play golf equitably on the same golf course. It’s the perfect blend of social event and exercise. Plus, there’s something about golf’s humbling nature that brings everyone together. No one is immune from embarrassment, which liberates the family dynamic.

It's National Golf Lovers Day

Credit: Marie Valos

Golf is fashionable

Fashion is as central to the modern game of golf as handicaps and tee times. Still, more significantly, golf is becoming essential to the fashion world. Emerging new designers, chic couture houses, athletic brands, and trendsetting streetwear labels are creating new golf-inspired clothing lines geared toward stylish golf lovers.

Credit: Dewar’s

Golf is celebratory

One of the most popular traditions for golf lovers is that a player who makes a hole-in-one buys a round of drinks for the other golfers at the 19th Hole!

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