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Bob Dylan Bootleg Series American Craft Whisky
Bob Dylan Bootleg Series American Craft Whisky

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Heaven’s Door, Bob Dylan’s Celebrated Whiskey Collection

Named after Bob Dylan’s famous “Bootleg Series” of albums, Heaven’s Door invites people to experience the art of craft whiskey on a new level.

Whisky Bottle

Courtesy Heaven’s Door

Heaven’s Door Spirits produces an ever-evolving collection of American craft whiskeys in collaboration with Bob Dylan. A must-have the for the collector, the limited edition Bootleg Series features a rare 26-year old whisky finished in Japanese Mizunara Oak barrels. The first release in 2019, dubbed Volume 1 of the Bootleg Series, is both a celebration of the creative spirit of Bob Dylan and the craft of fine whiskey at its best. Each offering in the series features hand-made ceramic bottles featuring one of Bob Dylan’s best-known paintings, Train Tracks. This Limited Edition comes beautifully housed in a uniquely designed and individually numbered collectible leather journal.

Courtesy Heaven’s Door

The Volume 1 edition of the Bootleg Series gives this whisky nuance through the secondary aging in the Mizunara Oak barrels, resulting in a distinctive and supple flavor profile. Bottled with a proof of 111.5, the low rye content of this whisky’s mashbill allows for the signature flavors from the Mizunara Oak barrels to shine through, with a smooth, long finish.

“The unusually long maturity of the whisky is balanced with the acquired notes of coconut, coriander, and a native incense of Dīngxiāng (clove)” said Ryan Perry, Master Blender, Heaven’s Door. “The Mizunara Oak offers an exotic taste and lingering finish found in some of the best Japanese whiskies. We’ve been working on this release for many years and are thrilled with the result.”

Train Tracks Painting

Courtesy Heaven’s Door

With fewer than 3,000 bottles for sale at a suggested retail price of $499.99 for a 750ml bottle, the 2019 Edition of The Bootleg Series was exclusively available at ReserveBar, an online luxury spirit and wine store that specializes in rare bottles and limited edition spirits.


Courtesy Heaven’s Door

Each Volume of the Bootleg Series is a one-time release, and once all the bottles are sold, they will be gone for good.

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