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KC Barbeque Flavored Vodka
KC Barbeque Flavored Vodka

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Barbeque Flavored Vodka: Your Bloody Mary Will Never Be the Same

Spicy, sweet, and tangy, 360 Vodka honors its Kansas City roots with the KC Barbeque Flavored Vodka.

Barbeque Flavored Vodka Bloody Mary

Courtesy McCormick Distilling

360 Vodka has created the ultimate barbeque flavored vodka to honor its Kansas City roots. Kansas City Barbeque has a heritage that dates back to the early 1900s, when the “Father of Kansas City Barbeque” Henry Perry first sold slow-smoked meats wrapped in newspaper for twenty-five cents in the city’s Garment District and opened the city’s first barbeque restaurant in an old trolley barn. 360 KC Barbeque Flavored Vodka celebrates the barbeque taste and tradition that represent this great city’s heart and soul.

Barbeque-flavor is a first in the flavored vodka category that has produced just about every flavor that can be imagined. 360 KC Barbeque is an incomparable addition to Bloody Mary bars, making it a perfect choice for everything from brunch to cookouts to football tailgates.

Barbeque Flavored Vodka Bloody Mary

Courtesy McCormick Distilling

360 Vodka is a premium brand of McCormick Distilling Co. in Weston, Missouri. Founded in 1856 and home to the historic Holladay Distillery, McCormick Distilling Co. is the oldest business in the Kansas City area. The brand recently announced a landmark local partnership in becoming the Official Vodka of the Kansas City Chiefs.

“We are very proud of our Kansas City roots and love the traditions of this great city,” said Patrick Fee, Vice President of Marketing, McCormick Distilling Co. “360 KC Barbeque gives us the opportunity to pay tribute to Kansas City with a flavor that no one has ever done before, but that makes all the sense in the world to us.”

360 KC Barbeque Flavored Vodka is 35% alcohol by volume and distilled from grain. Unfortunately, 360 KC Barbeque is a limited release available solely throughout the Kansas City Metro area.

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