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The Vodka Mixologist in a Can

Vrai Vodka Drink, has crafted Vrai Drinks Tangerine, their latest specialty organic vodka drink.

By 19th Hole Staff

Vrai Vodka Tangerine

Refreshing citrus flavored cocktails are a great way to unwind and tantalize your taste buds during the hot summer months. How about a sip of Vodka infused with sweet, zestful tangerines?  Better yet, what if all you had to do was crack open a can?

Vrai Vodka Drink, the mixologist in a can, has crafted Vrai Drinks Tangerine, their latest specialty organic vodka drink. This intricately balanced drink is crafted using natural tangerine flavor, reverse osmosis water, organic vodka and sugar, then placed in a sleek 12 oz. eco-friendly can.

Vrai, a Chicago-based packaged spirits distiller, creates artisanal craft alcoholic beverages for the masses. It’s as good as a freshly mixed drink from your favorite cocktail bar, but in a can that is take-with-you-able.

“We set out to create craft drinks that we’d want to drink, made the way we want, and most importantly, made without compromise,” says Nicholas Piekoszewski, Managing Partner, Vrai Drinks.  “It was time for consumers to be offered a truly organic spirit beverage with full ingredient disclosure. Most other drinks in the flavored malt beverage or spirits category contain high-fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors and colors and preservatives,” he asserts. “Our vodka drinks are certified organic, gluten-free and all natural, with full disclosure of our ingredients on every product. The result is exceptional taste. It’s like ordering a fresh craft cocktail at your favorite bar and then having it packaged in great looking cans.”

The Vrai Drinks are packaged in eye-catching Ardagh 12 oz. beverage cans, taking advantage of the best in environmental considerations. Cans are recycled at more than double the rate of any other beverage package. Vrai Drinks in aluminum beverage cans also allow the consumer to take advantage of the other inherent benefits of the packaging: non-breakable cans are allowed at pools, beaches and golf courses and they are portable.

In addition to Vrai Tangerine, the brand also offers Vrai Green Tea and Vrai Paloma. Available across select retail outlets in the Midwest, Florida, California, Texas and New Jersey, Vrai will be bringing its craft drinks to more states in the next few months and expects full coverage of the US by next year.

To find a retail location for purchasing Vrai Vodka Drinks, visit the company’s website at

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