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Ayla Golf Clubhouse in Jordan hero3
Ayla Golf Clubhouse in Jordan hero3


Ayla Golf Club: An Oasis in the Jordanian Desert

Inspired by the sweeping dunescapes and magnificent mountains of the Jordanian desert, Ayla Golf Club is an architectural masterpiece.

 Ayla Golf Clubhouse

Credit: Rory Gardiner/Oppenheim

Ayla Golf Club is located in Aqaba, Jordan, a seaside city considered a playground for the Middle East’s rich and famous. Set between Aqaba’s captivating mountain landscape and the Red Sea, this one of a kind eco-friendly golf club is Jordan’s first 18-hole championship golf course and 9-hole academy.

Designed by the legendary golf course designer Greg Norman, Ayla Golf Club’s rolling green fairways measures 7,152 yards with five teeing grounds per hole. The fully floodlit golf academy course measures 1,185 yards with two teeing grounds per hole.

The dramatic clubhouse design of Ayla Golf Club is an architectural masterpiece imagined by the U.S. and Switzerland-based Oppenheim Architectural design firm, globally recognized for socially and environmentally conscious architecture. The building takes inspiration from the sweeping red sand dunes and towering sandstone arches of the Jordanian desert. The innovative and distinct architecture also pays homage to the region’s ancient Bedouin tribes’ nomadic heritage.

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The golf clubhouse incorporates retail shopping, dining and lounge areas, and a spa. The golf academy offers state-of-the-art indoor/outdoor swing analysis.

Ayla Golf Club is part of the Ayla Oasis, a 17 square mile mixed-use resort development in Aqaba city. Ayla Oasis includes luxury residential apartments, a hotel, and commercial space in addition to the 18-hole signature golf course.

Populated since 4000 B.C., Aqaba is home to the Islamic-era Aqaba Fort and the adjoining Aqaba Archaeological Museum. Its seaside resorts are famous for windsurfing and other water sports. The area is also a top destination for scuba divers.

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In response to the global pandemic, Ayla Oasis and Ayla Golf Club have taken several measures designed to ensure their community, visitors, and staff’s health and safety in line with the Jordanian Government guidelines.

Ayla is just 5 minutes away from the heart of Aqaba city and 10 minutes away from the King Hussein International Aqaba airport. It is uniquely positioned on the shoreline of Aqaba, providing immediate sea access by boat.

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