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Serena Williams Lincoln brand ambassador
Serena Williams Lincoln brand ambassador

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Serena Serves Up a Love Game for Navigator

Tennis powerhouse, Serena Williams navigates her role as a businesswoman, mother, and Lincoln’s newest brand ambassador.

By 19th Hole Staff  |  March 9, 2018

Serena Williams

Serena Williams, Lincoln’s new brand ambassador

Elegant strength, powerful acceleration, and a standout presence may be key attributes of the all-new Lincoln Navigator, but they also describe tennis champion and businesswoman Serena Williams, whose love for the Lincoln Navigator started years ago when she purchased her first vehicle, a Navigator she nicknamed “Ginger.”

“Serena is an amazing athlete who has won 23 Grand Slams, but she also has a family, she has her own clothing line, she sits on major boards, she’s philanthropic – she has all these competing demands on her time,” said John Emmert, group marketing manager, The Lincoln Motor Company. “We know that time is our Navigator client’s ultimate luxury as they balance everything in their busy lives, and Serena exemplifies that balance with poise and grace.”

“I’ve always had a connection to the Navigator brand,” said Williams. “When I bought my first car, Ginger, it was my big step-up. I had a real luxury car now, it looked great and I felt safe. When the opportunity came to work with the Lincoln Navigator today, I was really excited because it brought me back to all of those moments I had in my first vehicle. For me, partnering with a brand like Navigator comes from a genuine place.”

She drove her first Lincoln Navigator for eight years, and then passed it along to her niece.

Today, the Navigator helps Williams’ balance a multitude of aspects in her life.

Serena Williams,

Serena Williams, Lincoln’s new brand ambassador

“Now that I have become a mom I am in my car a lot more so my Navigator is like my new home. I take business calls from it, I prepare for my day, and it’s kind of like Olympia’s room – she takes naps, she wakes up, and she’s comfortable in it. For me, that’s what’s most important. I want what makes me feel most comfortable and what I feel most confident in driving. The Navigator checks all of those boxes.”

Driving the Lincoln Navigator today provides Williams with the luxury, capability, and comfort that she needs both in of her roles on the tennis court and at home.

“The luxury of the Navigator is amazing. When I show up to a tournament, I have to show up looking right,” said Williams.

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