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kuegou summer mens casual polo shirts
kuegou summer mens casual polo shirts


Off-Course Style: 2019 Preppy Fashion Trends

If you love preppy styles you’re in luck: preppy looks are very trendy this year.

By 19th Hole Staff  |  June 15, 2019 | Preppy Fashion

Photo credit: Pinterest

Most of us are drawn to one or two particular fashion styles. Some of us are even drawn to more than one style, and mix it up day to day. We might try out a preppy style one day, a grunge style the next, and a bohemian look after that. Still, most of us have a certain look that we tend to embrace above all others, and this look can often be determined by our interests.

From soccer to poker, every sport or activity is made up of individuals that fall into certain types or stereotypes, with each type typically embodying a specific fashion style. While the same is certainly true of golfers, golfers at least tend to have more overlap when it comes to fashion. This is largely due to golf’s dress code and its connection to the country club lifestyle. Even off the course, golfers are known for favoring a clean, fitted, and preppy style.

If you love preppy styles you’re in luck: preppy looks are very trendy this year, so expect to see them everywhere. If you want to update your wardrobe, now is the time to stock up. Here are the most popular preppy fashion trends for 2019.

Preppy Fashion Trends

Photo credit: Pinterest

Polo Shirts

Polo shirts may always be in style on the golf course, but that’s not true for the fashion world. But recently, they’ve been seriously trending. They were all over the 2019 runways, and embraced by brands like Miu Miu and Tibi. Even brands like Ralph Lauren and Burberry have reimagined their more traditional polo looks. Fashion editors and influencers have been loving this look as well, and are experimenting with different ways to wear a polo such as under a dress or tucked into a plaid skirt.

This year, the most popular polo shirts seem to have fun prints, bold colors, or luxurious material. Skip the cotton polo this year and try out a lightweight knit or ribbed polo, a buttonless cropped polo, or a polo with an interesting collar or print. Who says preppy style has to be plain or boring?

Preppy Fashion Trends

Photo by Darya Ivanchuk / The Unsplash License

Striped Shirts

More so than the other items on this list, striped shirts are often in style in the spring and summer. They’re seen as the quintessential summer vacation style or preppy French girl style. Whether in a polo, sweater, or three-quarter-length cotton shirt, you can’t go wrong with a striped pattern. Opt for the classic black and white style or try out a brighter style in yellow or green. During the day, pair it with shorts or a skirt, and at night, pair it with some slim black trousers and a blazer to really send the look home.

Preppy Fashion trends

Photo credit: Pinterest

Vintage Sweaters

Vintage and vintage-inspired sweaters initially started trending on Instagram, and have since moved into the mainstream. These sweaters tend to be looser (but not baggy or shapeless) and more cropped, stopping around the waist or hips. In particular, button-up sweaters and crewneck sweaters have been more popular. Wear a button-up sweater buttoned up the whole way as a shirt or else over a tank top. Or, tie it or a crewneck sweater around your shoulders for an even preppier look. As for popular sweater colors this year, embrace a bold pink or green sweater or else a pastel-colored sweater. Orange and yellow are also trending colors this year, so you can’t go wrong with either of those. Lastly, you’ll get extra points for monogramming your sweater.

Preppy Fashion Trends

Photo by Duy Hoang / The Unsplash License

Khaki Pants

Of the trends on this list, this one might be more unexpected. But it’s true, khaki is back and bigger than ever. Khaki pants, shirts, blazers, vests, and coats have been particularly popular. Related to the khaki trend is the military trend and earth tone trend, which are also big this year. But how are designers and fashionistas embracing khaki? They’re trying out new, modern cuts of traditional khaki pants and coats while also experimenting with khaki-colored military looks in unexpected fabrics like leather, linen, and silk. So if you’ve had a hard time finding a great pair of khaki pants over the years, this is likely the best time to find them. Look for wide leg styles that resemble trousers, cropped and tailored khaki pants, or a modern take on utility pants. Pair with a polo, button-down, or cropped sweater and you’ll be seriously on trend.





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