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FREDERIC JOUVENOT – Solar Deity 1600x960 1
FREDERIC JOUVENOT – Solar Deity 1600x960 1


Luxury Swiss Watch Trends

Haute Couture limited edition timepieces from Frédéric Jouvenot, Pierre DeRoche and Franc Vila.


Frédéric Jouvenot presents a dynamic ladies watch in the shape of the only model ever made that indicates the time by twelve jumping petals rather than by hands, numerals or discs. Sparkling like the Indian sun god that inspired its name, the Surya watch displays two faces showing the day and night cycles. At noon, all the petals are a luminous green, while they gradually turn black as the hours slip by. At midnight, all are black and reflect the light in the darkness, before beginning another 24-hour cycle. Meanwhile, the minutes tick by in the center, indicated by a marker turning on a fixed disc.

This exceptional watch required two years of development to create the mechanical movement as well as the perfectly executed 3D stones on the dial. Available in white gold case featuring a bezel set with 54 diamonds. Limited edition: $158,000.

PIERRE DEROCHE – GrandCliff Milady Royal Retro

Beneath its ultra-feminine airs, the GrandCliff Milady Royal Retro contains a unique feat of horological mechanics: a fascinating ballet of six seconds hands, each measuring ten seconds before handing over to the next. This mechanical choreography is played out against a backdrop of flowers formed by the delicately sculpted and diamond-set bridges. Time becomes poetry and extends an invitation to join the dance. Available with engraved and diamond-set bridges, bezel set with 64 diamonds, and alligator strap. Retail price: $27,000.

PIERRE DEROCHE – GrandCliff Milady Chrono

Mechanical watchmaking meets haute couture for this timepiece from Pierre DeRoche. Inside, an automatic movement measures the flight of time, joined by a chronograph and a large date. They come to life within a highly stylized composition that is further accentuated by 64 diamonds, the eternally seductive stone. For a true touch of glamour that will delight fashionistas, an astonishing bodice-inspired strap makes this GrandCliff Milady the ultimate sensual watch. Features steel casing, bezel set with 64 diamonds, and alligator strap with bodice lacing. Retail price: $18,700.

FRANC VILA – Ladies Tribute II Blue-Denim

Franc Vila plays the alchemist by mingling the timeless beauty of diamonds with one of the contemporary everyday must-haves: jeans. The delightfully glamorous Ladies Tribute II Blue-Denim is a luminous object of desire, transcended by the magic of precious stones sparkling on the ellipse-shaped case. Stylish in each and every detail, it clothes its dial in a deep blue denim color or with a dainty mother-of-pearl version with diamond-set hour-markers. And because women love variations, its Blue Jeans strap is interchangeable to suit every mood. Available in steel case set with diamonds and two blue sapphires. Classic Royal Blue dial with silver-toned hour-markers or mother-of-pearl with diamond hour-markers, and interchangeable strap in Blue Denim fabric. Retail price: $24,100.


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