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DRIVE 1200x520 GARIA MansoryEditionfront HEADER
DRIVE 1200x520 GARIA MansoryEditionfront HEADER


Garia Mansory, The Ultimate Customized Super Golf Cart


Garia the luxury golf car brand and Mansory have collaborated to build the Garia Mansory Edition, an ultimate luxury supercar customization for golf and recreational purposes. With the Mansory edition you can travel in style. The German luxury car modification firm is world-famous for its work on performance supercars, luxury SUVs and custom bikes. Mansory focuses on car customization and performance improvement services for brands such as Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, Lotus, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Maserati and Porsche. The Garia Mansory Edition embodies the style and quality of its automobile lineage. The specially designed carbon fiber body panels and supercar inspired modifications on the exterior convey superior quality in every single detail. Waterproof genuine leather covers the dashboard, seat and the headliner of the Mansory edition. The cabin floor is lined with teak tree.

Garia Mansory The Ultimate Customized Super Golf Cart

The Garia Mansory Edition is highly customizable. Clients work in close collaboration with the designer to specify and configure a personalized Garia Mansory Edition. The Garia Mansory Edition is available as street legal or non-street legal, two or four-seater. The 2+2 version comfortably fits two more passengers on a rear seat facing backwards. The street legal version of the Mansory edition is ideal for transporting friends or clients around the golf course or for daily errands and quick commutes.

Garia Mansory The Ultimate Customized Super Golf Cart

The Garia Mansory Edition provides extra exclusive customization options such as fully customized cabin, alcantara headliner or a carbon fiber dashboard. For the seat you can choose between five different types of leather for a unique look. Color and trim can be chosen for a distinctive look. The possibilities are endless. The Garia is the world’s first and only luxury golf and leisure car. Inspired by cars, it combines the convenience of a golf and leisure car with the experience of exquisite luxury. It is available in street legal, non-street legal, and four-person models. Find out more about Garia at BY

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