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Vertical Groove Driver Header 1600x960 1
Vertical Groove Driver Header 1600x960 1


A Groovy Vertical Perspective

The vertical grooves on the club face, reduces side spin at impact

By 19th Hole Staff

Groovy Vertical Perspective

Groovy Vertical Perspective

Groovy Vertical Perspective– Vertical Groove Golf, LLC, the golf industry’s newest original equipment manufacturer, has introduced the cutting-edge Vertical Groove Driver, the first USGA conforming golf club to enter the market featuring vertical groove technology on the club face.

The Vertical Groove Driver’s signature design element – vertical grooves on the club face – reduces side spin at impact, leading to 40% straighter ball flight on average.  The configurations of the vertical grooves also help alleviate a golfer’s tendency to hook or slice their drives, thus promoting better accuracy.  Additionally, the vertical configurations, an array of shorter vertical grooves combined with vertical land areas perpendicular to the club face, help golfers generate greater energy at impact, resulting in a stronger forward roll and increased driving distance.

Backed by proven research and extensive testing by Golf Laboratories, Inc., the leading independent golf club testing facility in San Diego, CA, the Vertical Groove Driver consistently outperformed the top drivers in spin rate and distance, as well as center, heel and toe dispersion.

“I’ve had the good fortune to find and use a driver with a new concept that maximizes distance and improves direction,” said Mike Schultz, 2012 PGA Professional of the Year.   “The Vertical Groove Driver is as long, or longer than any other driver I have ever used and is noticeably straighter because I hit more fairways.  My average drive has increased dramatically and I also found that the sound and feel at impact is what I want in a driver.  I would have never known it, if I hadn’t given it a try.  Give it a chance and try it!”

“We’ve tested golf’s only Vertical Groove Driver with TOUR players, PGA Professionals, amateurs and junior golfers, and the results have been tremendous,” said Jeff Barry, CEO, Vertical Groove Golf, LLC. “Vertical Groove technology is a game changer for the golf industry.”

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