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Traditional Meets Untraditional

Sophisticated golf lifestyle apparel brand Peter Millar has acquired G/FORE, the disruptive golf-inspired sportswear label.

By 19th Hole Staff  |  Feb. 21, 2018

G\FORE Golf Shoes

G/FORE features unconventional golf imagery

Peter Millar, a traditional golf lifestyle label has acquired G/FORE the disruptive golf-inspired sportswear and accessories brand created by veteran fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli.

The result of an unlikely pairing between two distinctively different luxury apparel brands.

Peter Millar was launched in 2001 as a high-end golf lifestyle brand designed with classical American and European influences. Fashion innovator Mossimo Giannulli launched G/FORE in 2011 with the vision of developing a lifestyle brand deriving its DNA from the sport of golf and the stylishly rebellious spirit that has earned the designer international recognition.

Beginning with a collection of premium golf gloves in vibrant colors, G/FORE has expanded to include golf shoes, accessories, and apparel for men and women.

Peter Millar G/FORE Golf Shoe

Peter Millar G/FORE Disruptor Leather Golf Shoe

“It was obvious that the timing was perfect for a lifestyle brand that was hipper, younger and more outspoken than anything on the market” – Mossimo Giannulli 

The partnership with Raleigh, N.C.-based Peter Millar and the Los Angeles-based G/FORE began with the collaboration on a co-branded golf shoe, an idea hatched by Giannulli and Peter Millar CEO Scott Mahoney. The partnership resulted in the creation of a golf shoe which became an immediate hit at the 2017 PGA Show, introducing the unlikely but intriguing pairing of two distinctively different brands. The decision for Peter Millar to acquire G/FORE was the organic result of ongoing interactions between the two companies.

“I love the game of golf, and as a designer, it was obvious that the timing was perfect for a lifestyle brand that was hipper, younger and more outspoken than anything on the market,” Giannulli said. “By starting with gloves, we were able to establish credibility as a golf brand first, then add shoes, apparel, and other accessories for a complete collection.”

Giannulli describes G/FORE as luxury sportswear inspired by and designed for the sport of golf, emphasizing the “playability” of the product line.  “We’re not a technical or athletic brand, but we’ve learned how to put technical performance into our products,” he said.  “Everything is 100 percent suited for playing golf – athletic on the inside, fashion on the outside.”

G/FORE Golf Shoes

G/FORE features unconventional golf imagery

“Our intent is to let Moss express his creative genius for design, branding, and marketing while we build a solid foundation for the business with our back-end expertise,” said Mahoney. “Moss has the rare combination of experience, design vision and name recognition that will enable us to take this brand worldwide.”

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