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Tips from Master Trainer Traci Copeland

Traci Copeland inspires women to run, work out, get fit and have fun, with focus and intent.

By Halona Black

Traci Copeland a Nike+ Training Club (NTC) Master Trainer

Tips from Master Trainer Traci Copeland- Traci Copeland’s path to becoming a Nike+ Training Club (NTC) Master Trainer was paved through a lifelong love of sport. Today, she synthesizes her passions — love of gymnastics, dance, yoga and running — into diverse and inspiring workout programs.

The New York City-based Copeland coordinates NTC events and designs workouts that motivate women to challenge themselves and to achieve higher goals. She also shares what she knows when she travels.

“It’s exciting,” Copeland says. “I enjoy seeing results. I enjoy making people sweat. I enjoy watching people grow mentally and physically.”


Traci Copeland a Nike+ Training Club (NTC) Master Trainer

Traci’s exclusive workout tips:

  • Always work out with a goal in mind. Don’t just take yoga to take yoga. Do you want to do a handstand? Do you want to learn an inversion or arm balance?
  • Train with an open mind and learn to be flexible with routines. If you’re doing high-intensity training all of the time, try mixing in yoga or dance to challenge yourself. Don’t be afraid to be a beginner. Try going snowboarding for the weekend and not touching a dumbbell.
  • Question why you do each exercise. Why am I doing this squat jump? Why am I doing these Russian twists? It will help you meet your goals.
  • Anything is possible. You just have to go in with the right mentality.


Tips from Master Trainer Traci Copeland

Traci Copeland a Nike+ Training Club (NTC) Master Trainer

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