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The 2020 Holiday Gift Guide hero2
The 2020 Holiday Gift Guide hero2


The 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Presents for the Well-Rounded Player in Your Life.

Holiday couple with gifts

©2020 Zoom

With the unprecedented year we’ve all endured, it will be soothing to hear these words – “Ho-Ho-Ho, Merry Christmas!”

When Santa comes down the chimney with his bag of gifts this Christmas, golfers will have a potpourri of presents that range from the perennial favorites to the newest items and gadgets on the market this year. Everyone will be happy to see their stockings stuffed above the fireplace and gifts wrapped with care under the tree.

Here are a few gift ideas from Santa’s Helpers at 19th Hole Magazine.

All golfers can use a few items that update their wardrobe and stand the test of time, and those are sweaters. One can’t go wrong gifting their favorite golfer with a quality sweater. They are always a great option because they can easily be dressed up or dressed down. Sweaters are also an excellent option for when you may not know how the temperature will flux. It is much more comfortable to throw on a sweater during a flight or while playing a round of golf than it is to wear a coat the entire time.

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Cable knit Sweater gift

©Tommy Bahama

Tommy Bahama Cable-knit Sweater 

SHOP NOW: $148

This cable-knit design adds a classic touch, balanced by the casual and modern half-zip style and heathered cotton. Here’s a helpful Q&A with Dawn Brandl, Sr. VP of Men’s Design, Tommy Bahama:

What is trending in terms of the technical and design developments with men’s sweaters?

Tommy Bahama: We are seeing an abundance of textured plated yarns in men’s sweaters. Pattern and cables are very important to our customers. The jersey stitch sleeve with the cable front of this Deep Sea Half Zip Sweater offers a play on a classic cable done more casually. The plated yarns give dimension to the cables and a great high low color effect. And the yarns are heathered, to provide a sea glass look.

Are there new colors in style? 

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Tommy Bahama: Yes. We love color, and so does he. The rich autumnal hues are essential. We see a continuation of shades of blues, rich Bordeaux deep reds, and classic neutrals.

Why does a sweater make a terrific holiday gift?

Tommy Bahama: A Sweater always makes a fantastic Holiday Gift. They are Luxe looking and feeling. They can be worn in many versatile ways — for Dinners with family, for zoom calls, or for watching your favorite sport.  

Tommy Bahama has a long-standing reputation for quality. A sweater should be made with high-quality yarns. The finishing at the neckline and shoulder should be clean and perfect. 

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A good sweater should last and not be thrown away after one season. At Tommy Bahama, we take great pride in all our sweaters to ensure they will look great and feel great for many seasons.  

Sweaters are collectible. They should be taken care of and get well used and loved. We love that our customers are passionate about our products. We always strive to offer something handsome and well made.

Casual Wingtip Oxford shoe gift

©Cole Haan

Cole Haan Zerogrand Wingtip Oxford

SHOP NOW: $220

Expanding into another generation of Zerogrands, the new 4. Zerogrand Wingtip Oxford from Cole Haan puts a comfort twist on a classic dressy style.

Amazingly durable and supportive for being lightweight, the engineering smartly mirrors the natural motion of the foot. Moving smoothly from heel to toe, the all-new TRI-layered foam cushioning delivers a plush ride, aided by an internal Stitchlite bootie that provides a sock-like fit. The result is less fatigue at the end of a long day. With each compliment of this comfortable and stylish shoe, you’ll be thanking Santa for years to come.

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Designer Luggage gift

©Chariot Travelware

Chariot Travelware Luggage

SHOP NOW: Titanic $225

One of the things most everyone is looking forward to is the resumption of travel, so what is on many gift lists are all luggage types. Emily Frazer, Art Director for Chariot Travelware, explains why it makes a fine holiday gift.

“Luggage is one of those items that everyone needs but never buys for themselves. It’s one of those forgotten items that when it comes time to travel, we’re all scrambling around, overpaying for luggage because we forgot to purchase it when it was on sale.

Luggage doesn’t go bad either, and it doesn’t just get used up after one use. It’s not like food or skincare where once you’ve used the product, you need to buy another one; luggage will be there for you five years down the road when your next vacation rolls around.”

The Titanic is a classic design that rolls on through the years. The carry-on features brown vegan leather trim and ultra-lightweight polycarbonate/ABS shell with four 360-spinner wheels, a completely lined nylon interior, and a 3-digit TSA-approved lock for additional security.

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Unfortunately, the range of caliber of luggage could cover the globe, so here are some tips from the travel gear veteran on what to look for in your choosing.

“When you’re looking to buy luggage, the #1 thing you should always look at is the warranty. If a company offers a long-term warranty, that shows they have confidence in their product quality. A long-term warranty means you will not be dissatisfied with the craftsmanship of your luggage within that time,” said Frazer.

“What’s trending for technical developments for luggage currently is TSA locks. Previously if you wanted to keep your personals safe, you would have to buy the lock separately. Now that the lock can come directly integrated into the luggage, this cuts an additional expense and makes the whole process of locking up your luggage significantly easier. Plus, we see that TSA-agents are less likely to cut your lock if it’s designed directly into the luggage versus separately,” continued Frazer.

“Design-wise, we’re seeing a lot more of our major retailers purchasing more tropical designs. Because so many people may have missed out on being able to take a summer vacation this year because of the pandemic, they’re trying to replicate that feeling by bringing a bit of summer with them via their luggage.”

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Golf Push Cart gift


Clicgear Push Cart Model 4.0

SHOP NOW: $259

Unquestionably one of the hottest gift items on golfers’ Christmas lists is the push cart. How popular are they? Current demand cannot keep up with supply.

“People love to receive a gift that will last them a long time and something they will use often. While a nice gift basket of cookies is great, the gift is gone within days of receiving it (or minutes if you’re me). A quality push cart should last the user several years, and an avid golfer might play 50+ rounds each year. We believe 2021 will be an extraordinary year for push cart retail sales. The demand was unmet this year due to a short supply by all cart suppliers,” said Todd Hansen, Sales Manager at ProActive Sports, distributors of Clicgear USA.

While a broader range of color options, carts that fold to a more compact size, and those that have more built-in storage to place beverages, outerwear, and cell phones are important to consumers. What about the fundamentals?

Mr. Hansen provides some nifty tips for what consumers should be looking for in terms of components when shopping for a push cart.

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“The first thing to look at is the quality of the tubing and the material used, which includes the size of the tubing. Aluminum is the highest quality, and generally speaking, oversized tubes will be more durable over a longer period of time,” said Hansen. “Another critical component is the braking system. How do you engage the brake, and which wheel(s) is braking? We believe a hand brake is the most user-friendly, and our research shows that a front-wheel brake is the most reliable.  

Hansen continued: “Check the general components of the cart for overall quality. The bag straps (ease of use and material quality), the storage console (size and convenience), tires (size and material), and finally – what additional accessories are included (i.e., cup holder, umbrella holder, etc.). Finally, check the manufacturer’s warranty and the ease of replacement parts if needed. Off-brand products will be hard to contact, and parts will be difficult to locate. A good reputable cart manufacture will have a USA based website along with a toll-free number.”

Golf Polo Shirts

©Puma Golf

Puma Golf Polo Shirts

SHOP NOW: $65 – $75

How do you capture what is in vogue when shopping for a golf shirt and at the same time make sure you are securing a quality product?

Chris MacNeil, Senior Product Line Manager for Puma Golf Apparel, offers some tips.

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“The biggest trend we’re seeing is comfort. When golfers are looking at a golf shirt, in addition to style, they may look for moisture-wicking, stretch, odor control. Still, at the end of the day, comfort is king – a golf shirt that meets their everyday needs both on and off the course.”

MacNeil adds: “Fabric quality is important, along with stretch, softness, clean stitching. Attention to detail is another thing to look for – whether it’s on the interior, branding, or back neck tape; subtle details that highlight the thought and care that was put into the garment.”

To that end, Puma offers the Road Map, Eleven, and Volition Americano Golf Polos.

Men’s Layer Tops

©Galvin Green

Galvin Green Men’s Layer Tops

SHOP NOW: $99 – $129

Known for their premium outerwear, Galvin Green, a leading manufacturer for high-end garments, unsurprisingly also excels in layer apparel. Their best-sellers are The Edward (base) and The Drake (mid). 

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“We were the first to pioneer layering for golf,” stated Tom Romano, the company’s Sales Operations Manager. 

He lays out his firm’s mandate: “From UV protection, being super lightweight and really flexible using elastane to maintain full mobility throughout a swing, everything is made to maximize a golfer’s performance, including our base layer.”

The Edward is very breathable, fast-wicking, and with UV protection 20+.

The Drake, the firm’s top-selling half-zip, is also extremely breathable and dries quickly, and is as stylish off the course as it is on.

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“We test the limits using different colors and patterns that make it a bit sportier,” said Romano. “We do orange and red and other colors so you can stand out from the crowd.”


Orvis Wrinkle-Free Comfort Stretch  Shirt & Corduroy Pants 

SHOP NOW: Shirt $109, Corduroy Pants $189

Orvis Easy care, which includes a unique soil-release finish that makes it impervious to spills and stains. The Hidden Button-Down Wrinkle-Free Comfort Stretch Shirt keeps its shape and is ideal for home, office, and travel.

These Stretch Corduroy Pants from Orvis are tailored in Europe using exceptional and exclusive Brisbane Moss English 8-wale corduroy. It is easy to see why it is one of the brand’s long-time favorites. 

While the stretch allows for freedom of movement (and digesting those delightful dinners), the real value that is key to its durability is to be found in its interior taping detail. 

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Comfortable and warm, these offer a superb fit with a polished look. 


Gifts For The Ladies On Your Holiday List

If you find yourself in a quandary about what to get that special woman in your life, there are a few things that are “can’t miss.” Shoes, foul weather apparel, and luggage with a female look are fine choices, and of course, how can one go wrong with a cashmere sweater? 

women's golf loafer shoe

©Royal Albartross

Royal Albartross, Grace Black Golf Loafer

SHOP NOW: $299

Handmade in Portugal using premium leather, The Grace Black is a classic slip-on loafer designed with a decorative tassel. Both stylish and comfortable, they also provide excellent grip featuring a lightweight VIBRAM Pro Golf Outsole.

Royal Albartross is a premium golf and lifestyle brand, with products handmade by master craftsmen in the heart of Italy and Portugal’s shoe-making regions. The company employs the most skilled artisans – who use techniques passed down from generation to generation – and has perfected a manufacturing lifecycle that balances product lead times with luxury worth the wait.

©Sun Mountain

Sun Mountain Ladies Rainflex Jacket

SHOP NOW: $149.99

Golf is a sport that often ratchets up the challenges, including those provided by Mother Nature when she gets in a foul mood. Finding a quality outer shell that is fully seam-sealed waterproof, windproof, and yet also breathable can sometimes become a daunting task. Still, it is an essential accessory to have available quickly. The Sun Mountain Rainflex Jacket can be used on and off the course, which makes it a solid choice to have on Santa’s list.

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“A jacket is a great holiday gift for a golfer because it’s seasonally appropriate and doesn’t require all the insider knowledge that other gifts like clubs or balls require.” Mark Heydon, Sun Mountain Vice President of Outerwear.

The veteran golf apparel executive also points out some specific trends to keep in mind when shopping for female garments.

“Trends we see in women’s outerwear is a desire for a lifestyle piece that works well on the course and looks good off it. Hoods are popular, as are lightweight materials that are breathable and offer some stretch. (As far as different shades) the latest trend is basic colors (Black, Navy, Silver, White) with small bright color pops in places like logos and zipper pulls.”

Full-zip with a quiet 4-way stretch, it is no surprise that this Rainflex jacket has long been part of Sun Mountain’s top-selling women’s waterproof collection.

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women's luggage

©Chariot Travelware

Chariot Travelware Luggage

SHOP NOW: $400 Per Set

With a promising Co-Vid vaccine on its way, giving hope that travel can resume safely, there’s a new trend in luggage designs specifically with women in mind. And with patterns and colors just for her, luggage should be on your shopping list.

“If you’ve been dropping hints for a while that you want to take a trip, one of the best ways to let them know is to buy a new set of luggage. You’re going somewhere with a fresh set of suitcases,” said Emily Frazer, Art Director for Chariot Travelware.

Available in Floral, Flamingo, Fern, and Dotty.


©Pine Cashmere

Pine Organic Cashmere Sweaters

SHOP NOW: Open Draped Cardigan $207

Poncho Sweater $376

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Chances are you can’t go wrong if Santa delivers a cashmere sweater to the lady in your life. 

With their long-standing reputation for quality, we’ve asked Zula Tokarz, Founder and Creative Director of Pine Cashmere, to help shoppers with what is trending.

“We are delighted to see a return to classic fabrics and finishing. Over the last decade, there was a movement toward synthetic fabrics for athletics and leisure wear, but that has shifted in a big way back to the staples. Everything is organic and free of dyes. (The fashionable colors are) Winter whites, browns, beiges. Women of all ages appreciate the timeless elegance of organic cashmere, wool, and cotton.”  

Zula also states simply why they make a great Christmas gift. 

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“The holidays are a time of warmth and celebration with family. Now, more than ever, it is important to spread love and show care for our family, friends, and colleagues. There is no better way than to give a timeless sweater as a gift that can be worn outdoors golfing, to a family meal, the store and even on an ever so popular Zoom call. It can be dressed up and down with ease. It never goes out of style and holds its value over time!”

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