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INTERVIEW 1200x520 Sachika Profile PHOTO 1
INTERVIEW 1200x520 Sachika Profile PHOTO 1


Sachika Twins Are En Route To Conquer The Fashion World



[dropcap size=small]I[/dropcap]dentical twins To-Nya and To-Tam Ton-Nu started the fashion line Sachika not because they are alike, but because they are so different.   “Since I was nine years old, I was always thinking about designing clothes,” says To-Nya.  “I waited until now to start Sachika because I wanted to be sure I had the knowledge and experience.”  As she speaks, she is wearing an elegant Sachika dress.

Her mirror-image twin To-Tam, dressed in business attire—attractive but sensible pants and top—adds, “We do not overlap.  I am more the public speaker and the person doing the business end of it.”  She handles the promotion and marketing of the Sachika line.  She adds, “We fight every day.” Her sister chimes in, “If we didn’t fight, we’d be worried.”  They laugh in unison at their shared joke. Their ethnicity is Vietnamese, but they were actually born in Paris and moved from there to Canada and then to New York City, and most recently Los Angeles. Despite the division of labor, the twins share a single vision for their clothing line.  “Sachika is not just a clothing line, it is a movement,” says To-Nya.  “We want women to feel they are in control of their destiny.  They can do all they want,” To-Tam adds, finishing her sister’s thought. So how does clothing say all that?  According to the twins, they empower women by emphasizing feminine allure through timeless pieces.  “We used a lot of jersey, which is very drapy.  Our clothes have clean lines, and are well-finished,” says To-Nya. Practical-minded To-Tam says, “Our clothes are very comfortable and functional too.” From being the dress specialist, Sachika has ventured into making outerwear and separates such as skirts, pants, tops, jackets as well as apparel for men: Tuxx by Sachika.


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To-Tam & To-Nya, Omni Orlando Golf Resort

 The twins original became acquainted with the world of golf through a collaboration with The 19th Hole Magazine and Sachika fashion show in Yew York City.  To-Tam says, “The women that play golf know that the mind affects the performance and they must be disciplined and patient.  They are strong yet feminine and stylish.”  She adds, “Golf is more than a sport, it is a lifestyle and this is what Sachika is all about.  It is about the lifestyle of the modern woman who likes to stay active, who is strong-minded and sophisticated.  She is fierce, she is independent, and she feels that she can achieve whatever she wants.” Already established in New York and Los Angeles, To-Tam and To-Nya are currently working on an Accessories Line in collaboration with THE STOCKROOM set to be launched this summer. The Twins also teach a monthly 4-hour seminar called “HOW TO START YOUR OWN FASHION LINE” in the Fashion District of Los Angeles.  What lies ahead for the fierce twins?  Sachiks will soon be opening their first flagship store in Montreal, Canada. Maybe a fierce golf and accessories collection for women will be next. “In ten years, Sachika will have conquered the fashion world, we will still be answering the needs of the modern woman,” says To-Nya adds.


19th Hole Magazine Photoshoot SACHIKA from cyril mahe on Vimeo.



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