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One Giant Swing for Mankind

July 20, 1969: 50 Years Ago, Men Land On The Moon. One Small Step for Man, One Giant Swing Forward for Mankind.

Posted by 19th Hole Staff  |  July 20, 2019 | Giant Swing for Mankind

Men Land On The Moon

Sean Connery playing golf on a moon set while filming Diamonds Are Forever – Photo credit: PsBattle/ Reddit

As quoted from an article from NASA news media release, which celebrated the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, which landed on the Moon July 20, 1969: “Men Land On The Moon.” “Words such as these were emblazoned in dozens of languages on the front page of newspapers around the world, echoing the first part of President John F. Kennedy’s bold challenge to the nation, made more than eight years earlier – to land a man on the Moon. That part was successfully accomplished on July 20, 1969.”

Men land on the moon

Photo credit: NASA | Giant Swing

“At 9:32 a.m. EDT, July 16, 1969, Apollo 11 launched from Florida, taking commander Neil Armstrong, lunar module pilot Buzz Aldrin and command module pilot Michael Collins on a mission for the history books – a mission to become the first humans to land on another celestial body.  Armstrong and Aldrin became the first humans to set foot on the Moon, while Michael Collins remained aboard the command module in lunar orbit.”

The second part of the Moon landing on July 20, 1969, was the safe return to Earth, which would have to wait four more days.

Source: NASA

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