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Lyle & Scott and Golfickers believe golf can transform from an Ugly Duckling into a soaring Eagle
Courtesy Lyle & Scott

Golf style

Lyle & Scott Team Up with Golfickers for a Novel Golf Collection

Iconic golf fashion brand Lyle & Scott and Tokyo-based collective Golfickers believe golf can transform from an Ugly Duckling into a soaring Eagle.

Lyle & Scott is a brand name that has long been associated with the game of golf, specifically on the fashion side. Founded in Scotland way back in 1874, Lyle & Scott has a great tradition of producing exceptionally crafted knitwear and apparel and has created a vast array of versatile collections over the years. Their iconic Golden Eagle has strong Scottish roots and has been interconnected with golfing competitions as far as Australia and Japan. 

This iconic leader in the golf fashion industry recently announced that they have started a collaboration line with Tokyo-based golf collective, Golfickers. The Golfickers cooperative was founded in 2018 by a melting pot of creative minds such as art directors, film producers, photographers, designers, and stylists. The group came together from their love of the game. And the group name Golfickers evolved from the term “Graphickers,” a counterculture music and design movement in Tokyo during the 1990s. 

Golficker’s themselves embrace a vision based on the work of Hans Christian Anderson, a Danish author who wrote The Ugly Duckling. They believe that golf can transform itself from an ugly duckling, which is their logo, into a beautiful soaring Eagle. This vision for their company struck home with Lyle & Scott, whose logo was inspired by golf and Gleneagles in Scotland. Head of Golf at Lyle & Scott, Chris Somerton, commented on the early stages of the collaboration, saying, “when we found out that Golfickers dream is “to be an Eagle,” a collaboration was the next natural step.” 

Lyle & Scott and Golfickers believe golf can transform from an Ugly Duckling into a soaring EagleLyle & Scott X Golfickers line of hoodies is a standoutLyle & Scott and Golfickers believe golf can transform from an Ugly Duckling into a soaring Eagle

These two companies celebrated their new collaboration with a brand-new logo that combines Golficker’s unique golf cart logo and Lyle & Scott’s yellow Eagle. The two come together to show two Eagles driving a golf cart with Lyle & Scott’s 1874 founding date across the hood. Brand Director of Lyle & Scott, Ben Gunn, commented on the collaboration saying, “we wanted the collaboration to take inspiration from our golfing archive, but made for the modern golfer, who wants fashion-led products as an alternative to the technical, performance-driven items available.” 

The collaborated line, now available on Lyle & Scott’s website, focuses on the legacy Lyle & Scott have created. The line is similar to a wearable time capsule, consisting of seven different pieces that take silhouettes from the Lyle & Scott archives. Items included for sale are jackets, knitted cardigans, knitted crew necks, knitted polos, rugby shirts, hoodies, and t-shirts, all of which display the new collaborated logo. These logos are either embroidered, intarsia knit or rubberized printed on. This collaboration is a perfect blend of Lyle & Scotts’ prestigious pedigree in the sport of golf over the past six decades with a modern twist to cut through the noise in the golf apparel market from the minds at Golfickers. 

Of all the products available in this step-back in time collaboration from Lyle & Scott X Golfickers line, the inclusion of hoodies is a standout. Golf has typically been associated with sweaters, vests, and polos, but hoodies have been breaking into the golf scene as more and more collaborations happen. 

The inclusion of hoodies is part of Lyle & Scott’s attempt to break the norms and cut through the noise of the golf apparel market. The hoodie itself has a small chest logo, a large back logo (the golfcart Eagles), and the names of the collaborating companies on each arm. Somerton mentioned, “though this is our first time working with Golfickers, we hope it will be the first of many projects together.” 

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