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Liberty National Golf Club A Unique Membership Experience
Liberty National Golf Club A Unique Membership Experience


Liberty National: A Unique Membership Experience

A private high-speed launch will pick you up in Manhattan and whisk you to the course in 15 minutes to tee for lunch.

By Robin Loré  |  Sept 14, 2017

Liberty National’s high-speed launch will pick you up in Manhattan and whisk you to the course | Image courtesy of Silvestris

Are you a power player with $250,000 of disposable income to spare?  Then chances are the Liberty National Golf Club, home of of the 2017 Presidents Cup, may invite you to be one of their elite members.  And you’d be foolish to decline that invitation.  Among their many lavish amenities, Liberty National is the only golf club in the world that can offer you tee for lunch. Their private high-speed launch will pick you up from various points in Manhattan and deliver you directly to the course in an astonishing 15 minutes.  After you’ve played a quick round, the launch will deposit you back to the City post haste.  Don’t have time to hop a boat?  No problem. Park your ride on their member helipad.  A cart will meet you there loaded with a caddy, your clubs and before game Arnold Palmer, or something stronger if you so desire. You’ll be whisked off to the 1st hole before they even miss you at the office.  If, on-the-other-hand, you have more than a few hours to kill, then you may want to grab some R & R in the LNGC’s spa. It offers services tailored to each member’s individual needs and specifications. While you enjoy a deep tissue massage, their concierge service can rustle you up a few event tickets, dinner reservations, arrange for a gift to be sent to your favorite girl or guy, or have your suit pressed for your late meeting.

National Golf Club, features stunning views of the Statue of Liberty, Manhattan Skyline, and the Verrazano Bridge.

Speedy transport to the course isn’t the only thing impressive about this club.  With spectacular views of the NY City skyline, the NY Bay and, of course, the Statue of Liberty herself it is truly a unique golf experience.  The $60 million dollar, urban extravagant, visually stimulating clubhouse boasts a formal dining room, a grill room, two bars, a cigar terrace, several lounges and a library.  Executive Chef Shawn C. Lewis can prepare an exquisite meal while you savor a fine wine, or you can opt to enjoy a causal juicy burger and a brew at the grill.

Clubhouse exterior image by of Dave Sansom Photography | Interior images courtesy of Liberty National

So, who is mastermind behind this luxurious PGA caliber golf haven only minutes from Manhattan? Paul Fireman, former owner of Reebok. He sold Reebok to Adidas in 2006.  His profit? A tidy $600 million. The avid golfer and ingenious businessman decided to renovate the environmentally abused piece of land with $250 million of that money. While others saw only a forgotten wasteland on the Jersey side of the Hudson River, Fireman and his son Dan saw potential. The father son pair bought in Tom Kite and Bob Cupp to design the artful club.  The result was a championship course, with an unparalleled view, 18 challenging holes and loads of amenities. Although, membership is steep in a tough economy, Fireman doesn’t let that daunt him.  He sees his masterpiece as a legacy; a tribute to the game.  If the Lady Liberty, who stands sentry over the whole affair, could talk, she would approve.

The 2017 Presidents Cup, will be held September 26 – October 1, 2017, at Liberty National Golf Club, in Jersey City, New Jersey.


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