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Lady Golf Boutique Owner Puts Style In Every Customer’s Swing



[dropcap size=small]A[/dropcap]s the owner of Lady Golf, a clothing store in Palm Desert, California Karen Cantrell makes it her business to provide stylish and functional clothing to her clients.  Cantrell opened Lady Golf 20 years ago when the popularity of golf prompted women to take up the sport. There was a problem… They were missing the clothes to complete their game. Cantrell cornered the market by offering fashion forward golf apparel in a retail industry that virtually ignored women.

“People said a golf boutique for women is bad. Women don’t play golf,” Cantrell recalls. “But we’ve been a success from the start.”


As the director of Couture for Saks Fifth Avenue, Cantrell already established a clientele and was very aware of their needs. Many of the women who came into the store wanted more options than what was available.  Cantrell says she went into pro-shops, often located inside golf clubs, and was mortified at the inventory.

“It was a nightmare. It was men’s golf clothes and women’s golf clothes in a corner,” Cantrell recalls. “Men’s shirts were sized down for women. I wouldn’t put that stuff on my dog.”

After requests from many of her clients to find golf clothes with some style and bling, Cantrell figured out a way to get them exactly what they’re looking for. She took a trip to Europe and returned to the states stocked with pieces her clients loved.

“I started Lady Golf after time off from Saks. I bought sportswear and handmade lady golf shoes from Italy,” Cantrell says.  “My clients want beautiful fashion trends and they don’t want to look like everybody else.“


Extensive product knowledge is how Cantrell and her staff give customers the best in golf apparel. She researches golf collections and even advises companies on how to make their lines sell. The website provides customers with the same inventory found in the store and Cantrell offers overnight shipping.  Staying on top of trends and how women can be comfortable in their clothes is a priority

She began selling Walter Geniun shoes for both men and women this year and is even taking a risk stocking her store with Equestrian clothing.

“Women are getting more conscious of the sun so longer sleeves and three-quarter length sleeves are very popular,” Cantrell explains. “We are loving Masters The Choice to Win from Austria, MDC from Germany and Golftini.  I just bought an equestrian line called Asmar Equestrian and I was surprised at how well it is crossed over into golf. A lot of people don’t understand women need the extreme wicking for sweat and they want their clothes pristine.”


Cantrell also prides herself is giving excellent customer service. She became successful by catering to her individual clients and supporting their philanthropic efforts. In fact, Cantrell’s commitment to philanthropy helped her establish a name for herself in the U.S. and overseas.   Cantrell charitable contributions are endless. She is a Goodwill Ambassador, a member of the Global Diplomatic Corps and a Goodwill Ambassador for Peace- in the area of International Human Rights. She is on the boar of Directors of Humanity Healing International and received   The President’s Call to Service Award congratulating her for helping to address the most pressing needs of those less fortunate.

“I would hosts private trunks shows in their homes and give 10% of the proceeds to their foundations or charities,” Cantrell says. “It has been a tremendously rewarding experience.

Though Cantrell has noticed a decline in golf enthusiasts within the United States, she says that isn’t hurting her business. The combination of unique products and dedication to customer service makes Lady Golf the go to store worldwide for female golfers.  Cantrell says she has seen a rise in international sales within the last 10 years.

“We get a lot of orders from Australia, Canada, Russia, Dubai Slovakia and Japan. It’s a mix and it’s fun, she says. “I was very pleased with our business last year. We work smart and hard. “




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