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J.Lindeberg Tees-Off its 20th Anniversary Golf Collection

Reinterpreting iconic pieces from its start of the modern golf movement

The global fashion brand J.Lindeberg, founded by trend-setting Stockholm designer Johan Lindeberg, recently announced the release of a limited-edition golf collection in celebration of its 20th anniversary. The brand has consistently combined fashionable looks and sport function since it was founded 20 years ago, challenging the conservative golf community to dress more progressively, and leaving a mark on the sport forever. In fact J.Lindeberg has left a big, bold, and brash fashion statement on the golf world with the introduction the classic JL Slater and Bridge belt, which changed the belt game forever, and is now a staple in every style conscious golfer’s closet.

The 20th anniversary collection revisits some iconic pieces from the start of the JL archive, with modern interpretations on fit, styling and fabrics – showing the evolution of style and quality over the past 20 years. The color story is tight and conceptual – black and white with two seasonal pop colors: a sporty, racing red, balanced with a darker, burgundy red. Styles range from bestselling pants and classic polos in technical fabrics, to lightweight knitwear and the mock-neck compression top. Several key features are adjusted proportions of collar width, shoulder panels, and sleeve lengths, played with The JL Bridge logo. All knitwear is made in fine merino wool and woven in the intarsia knitting process to create the classic argyle pattern as more clean, lightweight and breathable.

The collection is available at select global retailers as well as select J.Lindeberg stores and on It also arrives as Johan Lindeberg, who founded the brand and left for nearly 10 years, celebrates one year since returning to his namesake. The brand has developed into a full lifestyle and continues to grow, with a stronger voice and look than ever before.

“I decided then and there to create a new progressive lifestyle brand combining rock n’ roll fashion and golf”

Johan Lindeberg on starting J.Lindeberg

“I had a crazy idea when I was driving my motorcycle through Europe in 1996… I had a rebuilt chopper, and was a complete golf nut, so I brought my Big Bertha driver with me, stuck underneath my saddle. I decided to go to the Hotel Royal in Evian. I pulled up on my chopper, in my military helmet and white-tassel, deer-leather jacket – the conservative people there thought it was Hell’s Angels coming. I went to the Spa for three hours to clean up. Heading to the golf course the next morning, I came down the stairs wearing my argyle sweater, my white classic FootJoy in my hand; the people at the hotel couldn’t believe their eyes…

That same evening, I watched Jesper Parnevik beat Colin Montgomery at Trophy Lancôme in Paris. Jesper looked like Bobby Ewing in “Dallas” with his microphone hairstyle. He had on a sloppy, oversized shirt with the shoulders hitting down at the middle of the arm, and washed-out pleated chinos. I decided then and there to create a new progressive lifestyle brand combining rock n’ roll fashion and golf. It was my lifestyle. And I decided that Jesper should be my muse. I decided to turn him into a modern Steve McQueen.

I was obsessed by this idealistic thought, to enter a traditional and conservative environment with new modern ideas. I thought if I can change these conservative business me, and get them into to fitted clothes and pink pants, maybe they are more likely to take other modern decisions…

I dressed Jesper the first time for Bob Hope in January 1997. The clothes were so tight he could hardly bend down and pick up his ball, but still he shot a 62 – his lowest round at the PGA tour. And it was a battle. People were laughing at Jesper. TV commenters went bananas. I eventually also had Aaaron Baddeley, Adam Scott, Hank Kuene, Richard Johnson, Camilo Villegas, Freddie Jacobson and of course Jesper as muses. My young guns stepped out everywhere. And I’m excited that today we have Camilo again.

It’s incredible to watch TV today and see how every big sport brand has been influenced by JL’s lead. I am proud that I inspired golfers to wear fitted clothes, technical fabrics. Flat-front pants, modern argyles, and logo belts… It’s now 20 years ago and I can look back with joy to this incredible journey, and I’m excited to bring J. Lindeberg into its third chapter.”

After a few years apart, Camilo Villegas is back with J.Lindeberg as brand ambassador.

Camilo Villegas, a four-time winner on the PGA Tour will exclusively wear JL golf and fashion apparel on and off the course. Villegas, will also be featured in The Bridge Series, a communication platform portraying the modern JL lifestyle, promoting open expression with personal quotes from various talents, and mixing fashion and sport seamlessly together. For this, Johan Lindeberg has photographed Villegas at his home in Florida.

J.Lindeberg has combined fashion and sport, with a sharp focus on fit, since the brand started 20 years ago, representing the full active lifestyle; and it challenged the conservative way people dress on the golf course. Villegas was a part of the original JL team to create a more progressive look in golf, under Johan Lindeberg’s creative direction. Villegas last played with JL between 2011 and 2014.

Villegas said: “Excited to be back with J.Lindeberg; it feels great to wear what I feel most comfortable and stylish in… Let’s have fun.”

“Camilo called me one day after my return to J. Lindeberg and said he wanted to come back as well,” Lindeberg said. ‘I was very happy, as we have great memories together. He was part of my army to change golf, together with Jesper Parnevik, Adam Scott, Charles Howell, Aaron Baddley, Hank Kuene, and Freddie Jacobson. I am grateful to be back at JL and very excited to have Camilo back. I believe that he will have a great chance to get back to his best. Something he already showed us by he’s runner up position on the PGA tour recently.

I always believed that our players played better as they dressed sharp and it raised their confidence and posture. Camilo is also an overall inspiring athlete. A lifestyle golfer who is incredibly fit, a great cyclist, devoted to paddle boarding and meditation. This is also how I see the new chapter of JL. We want to dress a true lifestyle golfer…”

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