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Hottest Face in Golf

Cobra’s Ultra-Cool King LTD Driver boasts the hottest face in the tee box

By John Roberts

If your golf game wasn’t in the best of shape last fall — and you’ve been thinking that it might not be your swing — then it just might be time to upgrade to a new driver.

Looking for a high-tech driver that will help perfect your game can be a challenging task, but if you want one to get the most distance out of your swing, then you will want to consider putting Cobra’s Space-Age King LTD Driver in your bag this season.

The Cobra King LTD Driver boasts the hottest face in the tee box. It is a sleek-looking, strong performing driver, with plenty of adjustability options, and ultimate forgiveness.

Photos by Drea Nicole Photography

Most drivers today have a center of gravity that is located above the neutral axis line. The King LTD is Cobra’s first driver to ever get it to the neutral line (Zero CG), and deliver a more efficient transfer of energy at impact without sacrificing forgiveness.

What does this mean to golfers?

More distance through higher launch, less spin and more ball speed.

A twofold position ‘front-to-back’ CG weight system allows you to dial-in your ideal launch and spin conditions. Flip the 10-gram weight to the back of the club to drive higher and get more roll or leave it in the front for a flat, low-spin ball flight. Additionally, eight adjustable loft settings allow you to further manage trajectory for any swing. The re-engineered Forged 8-1-1 Titanium E9 Face is a variable thickness structure that is lighter, thinner and hotter creating more deflection for faster ball speeds and a larger Sweet Spot across the face.

Created with state-of-the-art technology, and space-age materials, the King LTD Driver was first reintroduced by Cobra in 2015. “The King LTD line of clubs represents Cobra’s finest technology without compromise. It is the longest and straightest driver we’ve ever created,” said Bob Philion, President and CEO of Cobra Puma Golf.

It all started through a unique partnership with Cobra and the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS), in which Cobra’s R&D Engineers were able to conduct new materials research on the International Space Station.

This space-age research, and inspiration allowed Cobra to create a more technologically advanced golf product — and the game-changing King LTD Driver was born.

The King LTD design features an eye-catching Space Port window to generate the lowest center of gravity. The space port consists of a 16g aerospace-grade aluminum dual-purpose weight and a translucent port. The Space Port also works as a window which allows golfers to peek inside the club head and view Cobra’s sophisticated internal technology.

Fit for a King and Queen, the Cobra King LTD range is also available for ladies with the Women’s King F6 and F7 Drivers.

If you’ve decided to upgrade to the Cobra King LTD Driver to improve your game this season — don’t forget to schedule a clubfitting appointment at your local Club Champion studio if you want to get longer, more accurate shots. Simply put, “clubfitting” is the term given to the concept of tailoring your golf equipment to your own swing.  Whether buying new clubs, or simply adjusting the ones you have, your swing isn’t generic, your golf clubs shouldn’t be either.

Equipment provided by: Club Champion
Photography: Drea Nicole Photography
Makeup Artist:  Renee Tucker
Model: Sara Naomi
Gloves: GFORE


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