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Hand Crafting Priceless Works Of Automotive History

Alloy Cars Are Masters of The Art of Speed

Alloy Cars Inc. are makers of sanctioned automobile re-creations that include the iconic 550 Spyder and the Formula 1 Racing Legend, the  ‘Uhlenhaut’ 300 SLR Silver Arrow ‘Coupe’ (billed as the most expensive car in the world). Privately owned and operated, Alloy Car’s founder Ingo Poth partnered with Bob Atanasov to recruit the Alloy Cars team of automotive master craftsmen.  The Company was founded in 1996 on the principle of hand crafting priceless works of automotive history.  Working from their plant in Ft Lauderdale, Florida; Alloy Cars are purveyors of precision built opulence dedicated to all men (and women) who embrace speed and luxury.


‘Uhlenhaut’ 300 SLR Silver Arrow

Melding German automotive mastery with impeccable American, ‘can-do’ craftsmanship; each Alloy Car is a commissioned vehicle.  Perspective owners claim the Alloy Cars are indistinguishable from the original 300 SLR Silver Arrow or the Spyder 550.  The company carries on a historical tradition reminiscent of European monarchies who served as benefactors in the commission of fine art and scientific research.   The contemporary equivalent is an Alloy Car commissioned in advance by the owner with a minimum of four months to delivery.

Boasting unparalleled workmanship, Alloy Cars are hand forged from high performance, alloy aluminum.  Designs are based on original factory drawings and plans, handbooks and blueprints are decoded and scanned in 3-D resulting in stunning 100 point reconstructions of two of the world’s most iconic, road ready race cars.  Plans are to deliver five sanctioned 550 Spyders within the next six months.


The prototype Spyder was sold to a Connecticut automobile enthusiast a few months ago.  He demanded that the original Fuhrman 4-cam engine be installed and did not even flinch at the $300,000 asking price.  The same make and model (with a choice of engine) is available for half that price.

Not for the faint of heart the Mercedes inspired 300SLR Silver Arrow arrives at 1.2 million US.  According to Ingo, “Our clients embrace the peerless workmanship and claim an Alloy Car is worth every hand forged screw”.



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