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Golf Is A Work Of Art In Hubert Privé’s World



[dropcap size=small]W[/dropcap]hen Hubert Privé steps onto a golf course, he doesn’t just see the ball and the hole. He sees color, texture, light, and a deep beauty. He sees a depth, a spirit, and a certain je ne sais quoi – and, perhaps most importantly, he has the talent, skill, and passion to share his vision with the rest of us.

His choice of medium? Sculpture. Allowing him to depict his ideas in a way that both golfers and artisans alike can truly appreciate, his sculptures have a larger-than-life look and feel. Add a touch of humor, a bit of European flair, and a true love of the game, and Privé’s art comes to life.

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A long time golfer himself, Privé finds inspiration in items most find strictly practical. A golf club. A tee. A simple ball. Perhaps this is what makes his work so distinctive; and so deeply thought provoking. Indeed, designers and sophisticates have long argued that an item must be intrinsically either functional or beautiful.

Taking a thing that is normally strictly purposeful, and turning it into something that is purely designed for splendor is a juxtaposition of realities. And isn’t that what golf is all about? The calmness of nature meeting the utility of haute technology. The world of business meeting in a world of sociability. And a game that is just as much about strength of body as it is about focus and vision.

In the eyes – and hands – of this artist, who resides in Normandy, France, golf is a form of art. Often mocking; sometimes cynical; and always thoughtful, Privé’s work shows a depth of understanding for the game that is rarely articulated so symbolically and passionately.

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His book, Golf en Privé, (a play on words with his last name, which also means private in French), is the ultimate in coffee-table chic. Featuring 62 photos accompanied by hundreds of commentaries, this fusion of amusement, passion, golf, and simply stunning conceptual artwork is a thrilling journey of discovery. Flip through the pages, and learn to view your game in a new way by exploring the inspiring world of golf-centric art – a trail emblazoned by the skillful and zealous Hubert Privé.

One thing we’re not keeping en privé? Our excitement about this vibrant coming together of art and golf. It is, quite simple, magnifique!



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