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WEB header 1200x520 COBRA Ferrari Driverand Bag
WEB header 1200x520 COBRA Ferrari Driverand Bag


The Ferrari Golfing Collection Engineered By Cobra Puma Golf



Ferrari and Cobra Puma Golf teamed up to engineer a new luxurious golf line featuring the best in technology and art. Featuring luxury equipment, footwear apparel and accessories made of premium material. The culmination of integrating art and science is the COBRA Ferrari Driver designed and developed by Cobra Puma Golf utilizing innovative aerodynamic technologies. The Cobra Ferrari Driver is stylish and functional with design to enhance performance. The distinguishing shape includes new radii along the face perimeter, smoothing of the bottom sole surfaces and raising the trailing edge of the driver higher off the ground (to delay separation). The new designs along with multi-material construction reduce drag, increase club head speed and maximize distance.

“The Ferrari Golf Collection Driver is a work of art,” Tom Preece, Vice President of Research and Development at COBRA PUMA GOLF says. “We worked with Ferrari engineers to create a truly impressive driver that reduces drag and delivers fast club head speed. This results in maximized distance in a beautiful driver. To add to the allure, the driver features a hand-stitched leather grip, a head cover made from genuine Ferrari leather, a premium Fujikura® Motore Speeder Shaft and it is packaged up in a luxurious Ferrari Golf Collection Driver display box.”


In addition to golf equipment the partnership has produced a small line of apparel including a Cashmere V-neck sweater, trousers and polo shirts a red, white and  black.  The accessories stand out amongst the collection. Accessories include the Ferrari Luxury Golf Bag and Ferrari Luxury Duffel Bag, which are crafted in Poltrana Frau Leather, the same leather used in Ferrari GT Cars.

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