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Etiquette: How To Host Your First Foursome



[dropcap size=small]Y[/dropcap]ou’ve been invited to numerous rounds of golf with special friends, business associates or clients, now you’ve decided to host your very own foursome. Hosting a round of golf is easy if you observe a few tried and true rules of golf etiquette.

Choosing the Right Group of Players

Make your guests comfortable by putting together a foursome with similar golf abilities and temperaments. If your score is around 120 or lower, you will be comfortable in most golf situations.

Be sensitive to your guests’ schedules by asking if they prefer a morning or late afternoon tee time.

If your guests include new golfers, schedule a tee time at an off-hour so you will not hold up everyone else on the course. Arrange a meeting time 45 minutes before your tee time to give everyone time to arrive.

Making the Arrangements and Sending Invitations

Choose a golf course that will be fun for everyone. If you are inviting men as well as women, make sure to secure lockers for everyone. When making the arrangements, ask about dress code for the course and share this information with your guests. Be sure to send the invitations out three weeks in advance of the actual golf outing. (Two weeks would be the very minimum time to allow.)

Brushing Up On Course Etiquette

Never give nor ask for advice on the golf course. Never discuss business on the golf course unless your foursome is with a client and they bring it up. Keep the discussions light, saving business for the 19th hole.

Keep complaints to yourself and never make excuses. If you have had more than 10 swings on a hole, pick up your ball so as not to hold up other golfers on the course. Never use cell phones including texting on the golf course. If you like to bet on your golf game, bet for a drink and never for money.

The 19th Hole

Always allow time for a beverage and snack or a meal after a round of golf. When you host a game, always pick up the tab. While everyone is relaxing, confirm that you have all had a good time and smooth over a not-so-great game by focusing on the game highlights, never the bad shots.

If the purpose behind your foursome was to discuss business, the 19th hole is time to bring it up. It’s usually not a good idea to jump right into business topics or dwell on business. Instead ease into the business giving all players time to relax and reflect on their game. Remember that some of the best business relationships have a social component. Work on that and most importantly, have fun!

If you’ve been invited to be a guest in a foursome, always send the host a thank you note along with a gift or an invitation to another round of golf.


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