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WEB 1200x520 DUBAI Burj Al Arab   Al Mahara HEADER
WEB 1200x520 DUBAI Burj Al Arab Al Mahara HEADER


Dubai’s World Class Dining Experience Is Virtually Under The Sea

The Al Mahara Restaurant at Jumeirah’s Burj Al Arab Hotel

Inside Dubai’s famous sailboat shaped architectural wonder the Jumeirah’s Burj Al Arab, acclaimed, as the world’s only 7-star hotel, you’ll find its signature restaurant the Al Mahara, which means oyster. It’s an appropriate name for a restaurant that opens up to a spectacular atmosphere centered around a gigantic oval salt-water aquarium. You don’t simply enter the restaurant; you take a virtual submarine voyage into the luxurious dining area.

Dubai World Class Dining Experience

Dining in a dazzling surreal underwater environment makes your mock submarine entrance seem more than a little real. As you would expect from a restaurant whose name means oyster, you’ll find some of the finest seafood dishes in the world, starring Dover sole, sea bass and award-winning halibut appetizers and salmon soups.

The Al Mahara’s culinary expertise also extends to inspired Mediterranean cuisine and exquisite desserts. One of their remarkable choices is a chocolate ball shell dessert containing a texture sensation of milk chocolate mousse and baked crumble with macadamia nuts, topped with a small ladle of the hot chocolate butterscotch sauce.


Private dinning rooms for up to 18 guests are available. Spectacular, luxurious and adventurous are the keywords here, so naturally dress code is enforced and requires gentlemen to wear a shirt with collar and long sleeves, trousers and closed shoes (no trainers) or national dress. A jacket should be worn at dinnertime.


This distinctive sail-shaped silhouette of Burj Al Arab Jumeirah Hotel features eight signature restaurants and bars, dining is about far more than food its about the experience. Yet for all the wonder this stunning structure provides, it is the service within that really makes the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah so extraordinary.

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