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Devereux Golf Tees Up Younger Market
Devereux Golf Tees Up Younger Market

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Devereux Golf Tees Up Younger Market

The brand is making bold changes to express the desire for a cultural shift within the sport.

Man putting in Devereux hoodie

Courtesy Devereux

Men’s golf brand, Devereux, has re-launched under new direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales model, following a year of change across the retail and golf categories.

“The game of golf is at a cultural tipping point that needs to be welcomed with open arms,” said Robert Brunner, co-founder and creative director of Devereux. “The new wave of golfers, including those who were introduced to the sport during the pandemic, are more relaxed and casual than the classic golfer – however, most major golf brands have been slow to respond. This decision to re-brand was centered around moving the game forward, designing and producing the look and feel we believe the game needs to allow the sport to become more inclusive and inviting.”

As this culture evolves younger and more diverse players are getting into the game of golf, they will look to a brand that fits their lifestyle. Devereux is making a commitment to offer apparel and accessories that cater to them in both style and price point.

Courtesy Devereux

Since launching in 2013, Devereux’s iconic G*LF design has defined the brand culture. What started as a joke now equates the future of Devereux with the sport. Welcoming all types of golfers: the good, the bad and happy hackers that play for fun, even though it can be a frustrating sport, is what Devereux is all about.

Known for their innovation in product design and textiles, Devereux is leaning further into streetwear by offering new and existing silhouettes with a more unapologetic voice and utilitarian design. New designs will feature bolder prints and graphics, and more casual silhouettes that provide greater versatility for both on and off the course.

New products will be released on an ongoing basis, while limited-edition capsules will be introduced alongside the timing of key golf tournaments such as The West Coast Swing, The Masters and the U.S. Open.

Man on golf course in Devereux

Courtesy Devereux

“At the very start of the pandemic, we saw a sharp decline in our wholesale business while our owned channels were growing exponentially,” noted Will Brunner, co-founder and director of operations at Devereux. “Coupled with increased interest and excitement surrounding the game of golf with a younger audience, pivoting to a DTC model made the most sense. The game itself is expensive – and while we can’t control how much a round or rentals cost, we can control pricing on the apparel needed to play. Offering more competitive pricing and styles that are more aligned with their everyday wear is our solution to keeping these new players engaged in the sport, something the game of golf needs now.”

The new Devereux collection and West Coast Swing capsule are now available on with pricing ranging from $34 to $118 – so get out there and play more, wear your own style, and complain less.

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