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WEB header 1200x520 GOLF GEAR BMW Golf Sport Collection men TOP
WEB header 1200x520 GOLF GEAR BMW Golf Sport Collection men TOP


BMW Golfsport Collection, 2 Strokes Below Par


A passionate golfer is not discouraged by a little wind or rain. This is why the BMW Golfsport Collection has been designed to cope with all kinds of weather. The exclusive workmanship, premium, water-repellent materials and outstanding functionality ensure that you will enjoy every stroke you play. In addition, the Collection’s design has been completely revised. The slipovers, wind jackets, and polo shirts in the latest BMW Golfsport Collection feature tailored cuts, performance materials, and classic diamond patterns.

The high-tech soft-shell fabric makes the wind jackets water-repellent and breathable, while two pleats in the back ensure feeling free to move the way you need to. The functional polo shirts are made from antibacterial material, and the slipovers boast details like the BMW Golfsport lettering on the back of the collar, and covered buttons. The new colors for men and ladies? Bright green, fine white, and casual black for a sporty, fresh look.

BMW Golfsport Collection

BMW Golfsport Collection

The collection is available at select BMW dealerships and on the Internet. Find out more about The BMW Golfsport Collection at


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