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1200x520 BENTLEY HOME DINING ROOM Madley Table Kendel Chair HEADER 1
1200x520 BENTLEY HOME DINING ROOM Madley Table Kendel Chair HEADER 1


Bentley Home Collection Bring The Sensuality Of The Drive to The Abode

Defining a New Ultra-Luxury Model for Home and Executive Interiors

Now Bentley lovers can live how they drive with The Bentley Home Collection. The collection includes exclusive furniture and accessories crafted with the same workmanship and design of Bentley Motors. The furnishings and decorations have been created by architect Carlo Colombo in collaboration with Daniele Ceccomori, Bentley’s head of Product Design, defining a new ultra-luxury model for home and executive interiors.

The sophisticated pieces are available in a color palette of mocha, cognac, taupe, quartz, grey and camel flank variations of purple-red, burgundy, brick red or blue. The visual aesthetic is made more appealing by the sensual materials of velvet, fine wool and leather.  Alberto Vignatelli, CEO of Luxury Living Group, says it is an honor to produce and distribute the Bentley Collection.

“We accepted with enthusiasm the challenge of interpreting in furnishings the exclusivity and charm of Bentley,” Vignatelli says. “In the Bentley Home collection there co-exist a passion for details, care of materials and a style that anticipates the trends while remaining true to the codes of elegance and tradition. The perfect synthesis of values, the same we find at the wheel of a Bentley. I strongly believe in this collection which is already attracting acclaim internationally.” Staples such as blankets, duvets and tables are complimented by the contemporary aesthetic. From the Minster sofa to the deep, plush Butterfly armchair, The Bentley Home Collection makes texture and luxury living a priority.

Bentley Home Collection Bring

The Butterfly sofa and armchair introduce sensual craftsmanship into the home. Each piece is encased in Bentley’s iconic quilted shell pattern and is presented in cognac leather with blue pinstriped interior and quilted in fine grey wool. Many of the furnishings feature quilted accents and the attention to detail pay homage to the Bentley Motor.

The international Bentley monogram is placed on the pillows, headboards and chairs. Not overly pretentious, the tribute to Bentley Motors only increases the appeal to the modern consumer. The collection is simple, but refined with fine fabrics such as fine wool, silk or pashmina and blankets trimmed in mink.




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