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Anna Lewandowska Unveils Exclusive Art Collection with Desenio

Fitness trainer and entrepreneur Anna Lewandowska designs an impressive print series with Desenio wall art.

Fitness trainer and entrepreneur Anna Lewandowska designs an impressive art print series with Desenio
Anna Lewandowska

Anna Lewandowska is a fitness trainer and wellness entrepreneur who recently announced an exclusive collection of specially designed art prints with Desenio. Anna and her husband and two children live in Germany; she drew inspiration from her love for family and passion for personal wellness.

“My collection represents everything that brings me true joy. My daughters, who inspired the Thumbelina print, my passion for sports, and my house in Mallorca, where I feel relaxed and calm. I think you can tell that summer is my favorite season.”

Anna grew up in an artistic family and was constantly surrounded by creativity and colors in her earlier years. This recent collection of prints combines a blending of photo art, quotes, and illustrations that represent what means most to her in her life.

“I used to be very passionate about photography; some of the illustrations in the collection are based on my own photographs.”

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While working with Desenio’s Design Studio, Anna created these prints that were personal to her and fully showed her passions and interests. Some images featured in these prints are shining blue oceans and soft beige colors for a peaceful setting in an on-trend home.

“For me, art is what makes a house a home. Through art prints, we can express what’s hidden in our hearts, and they can also remind us of what is most important.”

The Anna Lewandowska prints were released a few months ago and were available on Desenio’s website.

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