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19th Hole Top Five Ice Cream Choices 1600x960 1
19th Hole Top Five Ice Cream Choices 1600x960 1

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Top Five Ice Cream Choices

Summer is synonymous with ice cream. Cool, creamy, refreshing and bursting with flavor, it’s the perfect foil for steamy days and hot nights.

By Lisa Sraeg  |  July 2017

Top Five Ice Cream Choices

Top Five Ice Cream Choices

Obsess with us and find your favorite hand-crafted summertime indulgence from our top five choices:

Graeter’s (Ohio, Kentucky and grocery stores in 46 states) “For those who know the difference,” this Cincinnati, Ohio manufacturer remains true to the original concept developed over a century ago: ice cream that is hand-crafted in small batch (2 ½ gallons at a time), using old-world French Pot Process .  A visit to one of their locations offers a sweet escape with classic flavors, twelve signature chocolate “chunk” choices, seasonal varieties plus gelato and fresh fruit sorbets.

TOP FLAVOR: Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip/chunk

Moomers (Traverse City, Michigan)  Nancy Plummer had a love for ice cream and an idea. With Nancy’s idea and plenty of hard work, Moomers offers “just a little taste of country” daily. Fresh from their dairy farm and made in the store with 160 flavors (more than twenty are offered daily), they serve ice cream treats from the traditional cone to the “wholey cow” and even an ice cream wedding cake.

TOP FLAVOR: Amaretto Cherry (with real pieces of Michigan cherries)

Crescent Ridge Dairy (Sharon, Massachusetts) Surrounded by the farm, the dairy’s herd of cows and plenty of fresh air, the Dairy Bar at Crescent Ridge is an iconic regional favorite. Owned and operated by the third and fourth generation of the founding Parrish family, they serve 40 flavors of ice cream, sherbets, sorbets, and frozen yogurt made from treasured recipes.

TOP FLAVOR: Black Bear (red raspberry ice cream, chocolate chips, raspberry truffles)

Big Dipper (3 locations in Montana)  The Big Dipper has been serving homemade ice cream in Montana since 1995. Nationally famous, Big Dipper has been seen on television and has been chosen as one of “America’s Best” by Food and Wine magazine. You can enjoy their tasty treats from two stores in either Billings or Helena or visit Coneboy (the ice cream truck) in Missoula.

TOP FLAVOR: Huckleberry made from locally-sourced berries)

Glace Artisan Ice Cream (Kansas City, Missouri)  Glacé was founded by Christopher Elbow, Kansas City’s premier chocolate maker. Before making chocolates, designing unique ice creams was one of his greatest passions.  Using the best fresh ingredients, this popular ice cream parlor creates classic flavor combinations as well as boundary-pushing flavors you might never have thought possible (creamed corn).

TOP FLAVOR: Goat Cheese and Cherry

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