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Amazing Thailand: The Golf Vacation of a Lifetime

An ever-expanding menu of things to do, and to see in Thailand now includes some of the best golf in the hemisphere

Video by: Dewayne Jones. Words: by Stephen Hahn

Golf and travel go hand in hand.  Every golfer’s heart harbors at least one not-so-secret global destination, far, far away, to where he or she would like to lug their trusty bag of clubs.  For some, that place is only a few hours away, for most, the dream golf vacation lies thousands of miles away. One such distant land for an unforgettable golf and cultural experience is Thailand. Located in Southeast Asia, Thailand is known for tropical beaches, opulent royal palaces, ancient ruins and ornate Buddhist temples, but many may not be aware that Thailand offers the golf vacation of a lifetime, with a paradise of world class golf courses.

For many years, Thailand has been one of the prime destinations for European and American travelers.  With iconic cultural attractions in Bangkok, white sand beaches in Phuket, mountainous terrain in northern Chiang Mai, and some of the perennially highest rated hotels in the world, Thailand offers its visitors an endless selection of travel experiences and incomparable value.   The hospitable people of Thailand are legendary. Thailand’s ever-expanding menu of things to do and things to see now includes some of the best golf in the hemisphere, female caddies and all.

Golf development in Thailand has recently shifted over the years with excellent courses being built by some of the best architects in the world.  Several golf courses in and around Bangkok have hosted PGA and LPGA Tournaments, some of which have been won by a certain Thai-American player named Tiger. The Thai Country Club, Siam Country Club and Chiang Mai highlands are a few of the best tracks in all of Asia. A golf trip to Thailand can include side visits to exotic palaces, dinner cruises on the Chao Phraya River that courses through Bangkok, elephant rides, eco-tourism experiences in the jungle, world famous massages … and, of course, great Thai food!

The 19th Hole Magazine was recently invited by Tourism Authority of Thailand and Thailand Golf Travel Mart to experience a sample of what Thailand has to offer golf aficionados looking for a golf vacation-of-a-lifetime. We’ve captured the experience in video film, shared through the eyes of our video journalist Dwayne Jones. Here’s a peek of Amazing Thailand and some of the most exclusive golf courses in the country.



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