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WEB 1200x520 Celeb Actress Shu Chen JOHNNIE WALKER HOUSE BEIJING Header 1
WEB 1200x520 Celeb Actress Shu Chen JOHNNIE WALKER HOUSE BEIJING Header 1


Johnnie Walker House Beijing: A Luxury Embassy For Scotch Whisky Connoisseurs

An Exclusive Members Club and Cultural Platform for Whisky Appreciation

The ‘Johnnie Walker House Beijing’ is the world’s largest embassy for luxury Scotch Whisky outside of Scotland. Located at the prestigious Ch’ien Men, The Johnnie Walker House Beijing creates a highly contemporary space, rich in authentic whisky story-telling for the discerning consumer along with the opportunity to participate in the art of blending.

With China poised to become the world’s most powerful market for luxury goods the Johnnie Walker House serves to meet consumer demand for luxury with substance. Blending a bar, museum, retail outlet and an exclusive members club, the Johnnie Walker House Beijing is a response to the demand from Chinese consumers for in-depth knowledge, not only of the specific luxury brands they indulge in, but also of the broader categories the brands fall under.

“Johnnie Walker House Beijing is a multi-sensory experience, showcasing Scotch Whisky culture; it is a luxury boutique, selling the Master Blender’s finest work; it is a private club, providing a new cultural platform for whisky appreciation; and it is an artistic space, providing inspiration for new forms of creativity,” said Lawrence Law, General Manager, Johnnie Walker House.

As the global blended Scotch whisky industry leader with nearly two centuries of whisky craftsmanship, Johnnie Walker House Beijing provides an unprecedented exclusive luxury whisky experience for consumers. Visitors are immediately immersed in the JOHNNIE WALKER culture and can select and buy rare whisky as well as participate in a variety of luxury experiences, from personalized whisky blending sessions to bespoke whisky and culinary fusion pairings provided by the gourmet in house chef Phoebe Cleland.

By invitation only VIP patrons are given the opportunity to meet personally with John Walker and Son’s master blender, the soul of JOHNNIE WALKER whisky, to create bespoke blends according to their individual flavor preferences. Guests can also explore the House with the guidance of experts and learn about its design, bespoke art collections whilst discovering the rich culture of Scotch Whisky by being educated on the intricacies of the whisky distillation process.

For true exclusivity, 200 by-invitation memberships will be available for members to access exclusive lifestyle experiences as well as private sections of the House such as the Odyssey Lounge and Striding Man Bar. Membership at the House opens a world of possibilities outside of China as members can also take advantage of the concierge service to arrange trips to Scotland where they have access to private distilleries and whisky collections, can sample some of the rarest and oldest whisky in the world, as well as stay in private castles and enjoy access to members-only golf courses.

TOP: Chinese Celebrity Actress and Model Shu Chen pictured at the opening reception. ABOVE: Taiwanese Celebrity Actress, Model and Singer Pace Wu indulge at The Johnnie Walker House Beijing.



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