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“Casa As” Contemporary Golf Course Living

Designed by Alric Galindez, ‘Casa As’ is a beautiful contemporary private residence built on the edge of a golf course in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

By 19th Hole Staff  |  March 10, 2018

Casa As by Architect Alric Galindez

“Casa As” by Alric Galindez

Contemporary Golf Course Living- The acclaimed Architect, Alric Galindez opened his architectural design firm in 1995 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. From the very beginning he started to produce different kinds of works, showing a special emphasis in modern design projects.

His golf inspired creation, ‘Casa As’ is a beautiful contemporary design private residence, which sits on the edge of a sprawling golf course in Buenos Aires. The two-story home is lined with glass walls, providing with immaculate views of the golf course on the back side, which also boasts a rectangular pool.

Three covered areas encourage family members as well as guests to take advantage of the outdoor ambiance, as the continuity between exterior and interior spaces is undeniably a point of interest Contemporary Golf Course Living.

Contemporary Golf Course Living

“Casa As” by Alric Galindez

An aesthetic feature, the linear window panes also protect the home from whatever stray balls may fly its way. 

The house is filled with modern furnishings, which further complements the cement flooring, iron window frames, and natural wooden materialization.

Casa As by Alric Galindez

“Casa As” by Alric Galindez

Source: Design Boom

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