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New 72 dpi New Fashion Agnona spring summer 2015 header
New 72 dpi New Fashion Agnona spring summer 2015 header


Agnona Goes Back To The Future, Taking Its Inspiration From Ancient Egypt

The Italian Luxury Brand’s 2015 Spring/Summer Collection Has Refined References to The Past

Agnona personifies the philosophy of luxury. Known for sophistication and creative innovation, the Italian firm and designer Stefano Pilati have reached back into ancient Egypt as inspiration for their 2015 spring/summer collection. Using gold patinas, lotus blossom imagery, Coptic patterns, Nefertiti and desert colors with draping, Pilati has translated the past into intriguing silhouettes that are sophisticated and modern. “There’s no need to go retro if you reference that (ancient history),” according to Stefano.

In an effort to avoid repeated nostalgia for the past while trying not to fall into the trap of a short-sighted present, Agnona’s latest offerings are an exercise in “new bondage” (expert draping that mimics the bandages of mummies) with cloaks, skirts and dresses modeled from a single piece then artfully cut with curved slits and paired with silk knitwear, panels and studded belts.

While grounded in the classics, the 2015 spring/summer collection is 21st century inventive, reflecting Pilati’s creative approach to the overall design. Both refined and minimal, every detail is crafted to have aesthetic value. Varied fabrics, from the sequined mousseline to the Agnona signature Century Cashmere, in a wide range of Egyptian colors from bold to soft, paired with prints, appear throughout the group. The unlined suede jacket is the unique addition and has been embroidered with Egyptian patterns personalized by Pilati.   Fluid dresses are juxtaposed with soft but expertly tailored waistcoats, over-sized jackets, trench coats, morning coats and skirts with asymmetric panels. The final effect is one of timeless style, a refined understatement, with a nod to ancient Egypt but very contemporary.

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