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Hublot Classic Fusion Ferrari GT Watch
Hublot Classic Fusion Ferrari GT Watch

Classic Fusion Ferrari GT watch

The Classic Fusion Ferrari GT Watch

Hublot and Ferrari pay homage to the “Grand Touring” cars, with the Classic Fusion Ferrari GT Watch.

Hublot Ferrari Watch

Courtesy Ferrari & Hublot | Ferrari GT watch

The long-term partnership between Hublot, the Swiss watch brand and Ferrari, the Italian sports car manufacturer is one of a kind and an endless source of creative inspiration that builds on the similar values these two prestigious houses share. Since the very start of their collaboration in 2011, Hublot and Ferrari have always created watches with a unique design and motorization. Each new edition introduces a new style. This year, Hublot presents an elegant and contemporary piece that draws motivation from the “Gran Turismo” universe.

The Classic Fusion Ferrari GT watch – with its extremely innovative design, integrates the new UNICO manufacture movement in a body with distinctive and dynamic lines.

Ferrari GT cars

Courtesy Ferrari

The constant drive for innovation and refinement behind the unstoppable creative impetus of both Ferrari and Hublot has come to life in the Big Bang Ferrari, the MP-05 LaFerrari and the Techframe. The alliance first drew inspiration from the racing world and Formula 1, with the Big Bang Ferrari editions. In 2017, Hublot and Ferrari expanded to the universe of GT, with the Techframe Ferrari Tourbillon Chronograph specifically created to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Ferrari. This year the collaboration goes a step further in this world, which has always defined a travel philosophy that combines tradition, elegance, and technical perfection.

Driving over long distances at high speed in comfort and with style, this is what the “Gran Turismo” spirit is all about. The term also defines a category of limited-production, very high-performance luxury cars. The GT world is one of innovation and refinement, with a passion for mechanics performance and innovation and an appreciation for elegance and beauty.

Hublot Ferrari GT watch

Courtesy Ferrari & Hublot

All-new in the Fine Watchmaking world, 3D Carbon is a polymer matrix composite (PMC) made of three-dimensional fibers. This high-tech material, which is very popular in motorsport, has outstanding qualities of resistance and, in the case of the Classic Fusion Ferrari GT, offers a lightweight but solid layer of protection, to the UNICO manufacture movement. Designed by the “Centro Stile Ferrari,” the new Classic Fusion Ferrari GT draws inspiration from the GT designed and crafted in the Maranello workshops. Its design is very contemporary; Hublot worked on the motor and Ferrari on the body. One of the main design features of the Classic Fusion Ferrari GT is the case, conceived as a true concentrically suspended element that enhances the dial presence and the sophisticated manufacturing making process.

Hublot Ferrari GT watch

Courtesy Ferrari & Hublot

Entirely different yet resolutely complementary to the Techframe launched in 2017, the Classic Fusion Ferrari GT is a watch for lovers of fine mechanical pieces who want to display a contemporary and refined style. The dial is transparent thanks to the use of sapphire crystal and reveals the high-precision mechanics of the UNICO HUB1280 caliber, with the famous Prancing Horse appearing at 12 o’clock. Every detail has been subjected to meticulous finishing touches like the red thread around the sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating, a stylistic reference to the legendary Ferrari color. The straps of the Classic Fusion Ferrari GT have been subtly created in black rubber and dressed in Schedoni leather, like the seats of the Maranello historical race cars. Round like a racing tachometer, the new Classic Fusion Ferrari GT is a piece for our time, with particular attention paid to the ergonomics and a thickness of only 13.15 mm, a rarity for an integrated flyback chronograph. This innovatively designed, airy watch of rare elegance opens a significant new chapter in the partnership of excellence between Hublot and Ferrari.

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