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Redvanly is Rocking Fairways Courts 2
Redvanly is Rocking Fairways Courts 2


From Fairways to Courts

A round with Andrew Redvanly, the man behind REDVANLY, a stylish performance wear brand for the modern athlete.

By Mike Dojc  |  Aug 24, 2017

A round with Andrew Redvanly, the man behind New Jersey’s stylish performance wear brand for the modern athlete

Men’s Nevins Polo

Whether your appetite is leant more towards unleashing mighty lashes off the tee, or rocketing a forehand into the corner, Redvanly has you comfortably covered. The downside of the synthetic materials utilized in most active wear is in the pursuit of sweat management, you often lose the comfort factor that natural fibers deliver, but Redvanly is an outlier in the poloverse. Their fabric blend feels incredibly soft without sacrificing performance attributes.  Stocked in over a hundred top shelf pro shops from The Abaco Club to Whistling Straits Redvanly has been steadily inching up the polo leaderboard over the past four years with their exceptionally comfy fabric-forward designs.

Here, I recently conducted an interview with Andrew Redvanly, the man behind the Redvanly fashion brand, headquartered in New Jersey. We gab golf wear, five panel hats, and the incredible attributes of Tencel. If you are feeling Redvanly’s fresh style, you’re in luck, they’re hooking up a few lucky 19th Hole readers with $92 credit to their online store, JUST FOLLOW THIS LINK.

A round with Andrew Redvanly, the man behind New Jersey’s stylish performance wear brand for the modern athlete

Women’s Van Buren Polo & Gates Skort

You once said in an interview that fabric and cut come first and then the look.  Do you still stand by that?

Yes. We are not a fashion label.  We are sportswear line and our first priority is our fabrics and fit for those that compete. Of course we take great pride in our aesthetic but we will never sacrifice our performance aspects just to acquire a better “look”.

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We used to often hear from designers in the golf space that they decided to put out a golf line because they weren’t satisfied with the coolness of the looks on the market, but nowadays would you say there’s lots of cool stuff coming out on the regular?

I think golf wear is definitely on the right track. There are a lot of brands and pieces that I am a fan of. We built Redvanly because we believed we could develop a niche inside of the golf, tennis, and active space for those that were looking for a brand that crosses over across the sports that they are now competing in. One thing that I love about a brand like Nike is how they speak athleticism over multiple sports. We wanted to give people a brand that doesn’t just stand for one particular sport. We believe this gives us a broader niche and a more desirable brand moving forward.

What are some of your peer brands that you think are putting out really cool clothes?

I was a big fan of the AG golf line and sad to see them not producing anymore golf. JL always has some modern designs and good fitting garments and the RLX line continues to impress me in regards to their fabrications. Also a fan of the golf shorts Adidas has been putting out.

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Do you think average golfers tend to play better and shoot lower when they know their outfit game is on point or zero correlation?

Let’s put it this way, if you are a 15 handicap and you wear our products you aren’t going to instantly become a 6.  Clothes don’t help you swing like a pro but I do believe they can make a difference. If you are wearing clothes that you are very comfortable in and that perform its one less thing you need to worry about while playing. So yes, I do. But I just wanted to clarify in case I get emails saying I guaranteed everyone they would be a single digit handicapper once they tossed on our gear!

What’s the etymology of your Surname, Redvanly sounds like your family would have fit in well in Game of Thrones?

My father’s family was from a small country inside of Turkey which was called Assyria that no longer exists. So yes, sounds about right in regards to Game of Thrones as they must have lost a war at some point!

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A round with Andrew Redvanly, the man behind New Jersey’s stylish performance wear brand for the modern athlete

Men’s Lugar Polo

Golf seems to be in a good place right now, is golf getting hipper?

I believe so. It all starts with the young up and coming golfers. For the most part they have an athletic build, dress well and appreciate strong brands. I think that is a great sign for golf as those are the next generation of pros, and everyday golfers which will continue to shape the industry in a positive way.

Where do you draw your inspiration from when you’re dreaming up new designs?

We have a great team of designers who assist with our collections each season so we lean on them a good amount while also putting together inspirational sketches or photographs over the course of a few months. Living right across the river from Manhattan doesn’t hurt as I find a lot of my inspiration while I am out and about in the city.

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Redvanly is currently stocked in hundreds of pro shops everywhere from the Atlanta Country Club to Whistling Straits.  What was one of the first big name clubs to pick you guys up that really put a lot of steam behind your back?

To be honest, I don’t think we really had a “big break “moment. We worked really hard at getting these accounts and it was a gradual process. Each year we have grown our accounts and business and now that we look back over four years we are proud of the company’s achievements.  Our goal from the beginning was to start small, grow organically, and become profitable as fast as possible so that we can assure our selves the opportunity to consistently grow our brand while being in the proper financial position.

How many pro shops can you find Redvanly in nowadays?

We will be in over 175 pro shops by spring 2018 and over 50 other stores which include tennis, active, and places such as Nordstrom and Equinox.

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There are plenty of choices in the poloverse, why kind of golfers tend to gravitate toward Redvanly?

I believe we cater to the guy/gal who is serious about their athletic pursuits. We speak athleticism and have the product and fabrics to back it up. When you go out and compete in our products you will be confident that you are in the best possible gear to play in. On the other from our performance ability and fabrics I believe that we have a strong brand and a modern look that is easy on the eyes.

Your polos feel a lot softer than most moisture wicking fabrics, I can sometimes get itchy after a while in other brands but there’s something about the blend you use, is the Tencel the key?

Yes, Tencel is one of the softest fibers in the world and by using just 13% of it in our garments you can immediately feel its presence. If you really want to test out Tencel go and purchase 100% Tencel bedding. You will be amazed with how soft this fiber is.  The reason we chose Tencel is not only because it softens up our garment but because of its love for water. When you sweat 100% synthetic based garments will resist your perspiration for a little due to the fact that synthetic fibers do not like water. The good news for us is that Tencel is attracted to water so when you sweat in our shirt the 13% of Tencel will grab it and bringing it quickly into the garment making you feel much more comfortable. Once your sweat is in shirt the other 87 % (poly and spandex) will take over the garment and dry the sweat that is now in the shirt making for a very high performing garment that keeps you cool and comfortable while competing.

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If you have your way will five panel hats become the new flat bills?

Haha—yes but I have to admit that I can’t rock them. Must be the shape of my head. I am more of a baseball cap guy. But for those who can pull it off they are awesome.


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