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Lana Tequila Reveals Reposado: A Gemstone-Inspired Expression

Inspired by Gemstone Caps, Lana Tequila’s Reposado Embarks on a Journey of Artistic Expression and Refined Taste.

In the realm of ultra-luxury tequila, Lana Tequila continues its journey of innovation with the introduction of Lana Reposado

In the realm of ultra-luxury tequila, Lana Tequila continues its journey of innovation with the introduction of Lana Reposado, a gemstone-adorned expression that transcends the traditional boundaries of spirits craftsmanship. The launch is accompanied by an artistic campaign, “Dialogue with a Gemstone,” positioning Lana Reposado as not just a tequila but a medium for intimate conversations between humanity and nature.

Crafted from 100% Blue Weber Agave and boasting gluten-free, vegan, and kosher credentials, Lana Reposado is a testament to Lana Tequila’s commitment to quality and inclusivity. Aged for five months in American Oak, it unveils a sun-drenched amber hue and nuanced notes of vanilla and coconut, offering a poetic homage to both its predecessor and the grandeur of its aging process.



The “Dialogue with a Gemstone” campaign, conceptualized and directed by Maximilian Arasin, Lana Tequila’s CEO and Creative Director, unfolds a visual narrative capturing the essence of Lana Reposado’s unique identity. Through the lens of Bryce Thompson, a South African photographer based in New York, Lana’s gemstone caps become conduits for creative expression, turning each bottle into a canvas for a deeply personal dialogue.

Arasin shares, “Lana’s identity is a perspective on things. It goes beyond Tequila. ‘Dialogue with a Gemstone’ serves as the opening note to a forthcoming series of conversations, where Lana will invite distinguished individuals and masters of their unique creative realms to ignite spirited dialogues.”

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Following the successful launch of Lana Tequila Blanco, awarded Best of Class in the Silver/Gold Tequila category in the 2023 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, Lana Reposado emerges as the brand’s second expression. Positioned as both a celebration and evolution of the Lana Tequila legacy, it invites aficionados to savor its rich flavors, whether as a refined addition to premium cocktails or enjoyed in its pure form.

Partnering with Prestige Beverage Group, Lana Tequila brings Lana Reposado to fine spirits retailers at a suggested retail price of $99. The tequila is currently available in select states, including California, Florida, New York, Texas, Arizona, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, and Tennessee, with plans for further expansion in the U.S. market.

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