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Adidas Pays Homage to 5 Women Changing the Sport of Golf

Our [Fair]way highlights five remarkable women who are changing the sport of golf in their own way.

Adidas Pays Homage to 5 Women Changing the Sport of Golf
Courtesy Adidas Golf

Adidas has continued to be a brand that excels the sport of golf for women. They know that women are already out there changing the game and want to further propel their efforts.

Golf, in its simplest form, is an individual sport. For players, every opportunity on the course is a new experience. It’s a different game and environment; each play requires a different approach and brings a unique experience. According to the National Golf Foundation, 25 percent of those who play golf in the United States are women. That stat has been going up over the past 5 years as the game continues to grow. This trend brings more participation from female golfers. Adidas wanted to bring more light to some mighty women changing the sport for all. They are a driving force behind getting women everywhere to try this wonderful sport.

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Adidas’ Our [Fairway] was developed and created entirely by women who work in the golf department and with an all-female crew. Five women were featured in this series, which offers a look into the world they are trying to change. Every aspect of the series shows these women and the positive force that the sport of golf can indeed be something for all women to play.

These five women include Danielle Kang, Tania Tare, Tiffany Mack Fitzgerald, Troy Mullins, and Maha Haddioui.

Danielle Kang excels the sport of golf for women

Danielle Kang | Courtesy Adidas

Danielle Kang excels the sport of golf for women

Danielle Kang | Courtesy Adidas

Danielle Kang

Danielle Kang (@daniellekang) was a second-degree black belt in Taw Kwon Do before she stumbled into golf. When she was 14, just a year and a half after she picked up a club, she qualified for the U.S. Women’s Open. Danielle then went on to win the U.S. Women’s Amateur in 2010 and 2011, joining a tiny group of women who have been able to do so. She won her first major championship in 2017 with the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship. She has six professional wins and has reached no. 2 in the world rankings.

Troy Mullins excels the sport of golf for women

Troy Mullins | Courtesy Adidas

Troy Mullins

Troy Mullins (@troycmullins) was a track and field heptathlete competing for Cornell University. She sadly had a hamstring injury that ended her track career. Troy then picked up a club, and the rest is history. Not long after, she entered the World Long Drive Championship. She won that event in 2017 and became a marquee in the women’s professional circuit.

Tania Tare | Courtesy Adidas

Tania Tare

Tania Tare (@taniatare63) showed the golfing world a new way to send the ball down the fairway. She has exceptional skill and athleticism, putting it on full display in trick-shot videos. She has sparked creativity in herself and players around the world. She is a testament to showing the sport how golf should always be fun and constantly challenging ourselves.

Tiffany Mac Fitzgerald excels the sport of golf for women

Tiffany Mac Fitzgerald | Courtesy Adidas

Tiffany Mack Fitzgerald

Tiffany Mack Fitzgerald (@blackgirlsgolf) took the sport of golf for all it is worth. When she started playing golf, she wanted to get comfortable with the rules and play with others on the course. When Tiffany got into golf, she saw it as a perfect opportunity for other women to learn the game with her. From this, she created Black Girls Golf, this now 4,000-member strong organization that allows women to learn the sport and make friendships.

Maha Haddioui | Courtesy Adidas

Maha Haddioui

Maha Haddioui (@mahahaddioui) is changing the way women get into golf. Her story is pure inspiration to anyone who has picked up a club. She has inspired a generation of girls and women to start playing golf. In a short time, she has already created a legacy for herself. She will always be known as the first Arab woman to play professionally in women’s golf. She recently played in the Ladies European Tour. Her competitiveness will not only push her forward but will also help inspire women in the Middle East looking to get into the sport of golf.

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