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Zen Meets Eco-Conscious Swimwear

Inspired by the nature, allSisters Swimwear explores the special bond that exists between women and mother earth.

By 19th Hole Staff

allSisters Swimwear’s almost Zen-like philosophy is one which believes that we are all interconnected, forming part of a larger unit and that we should work together to protect our planet. In this sense, fashion should be responsible and go hand-by-hand with sustainability.

The Barcelona-based, eco-friendly swimwear brand, was born out of a deep admiration for the ocean and water sports culture, paying tribute to the transformative power of nature and the special bond that exists between all women and mother earth. This emotional connection with the planet also serves as allSisters’ inspiration for its innovative designs that recycle fabrics and ocean debris, such as fishing nets and nylon to create its high-end swimsuits and unusual pattern-cutting.

Organic Abstraction Collection

The brand places emphasis on sustainability, focusing on the practical response to the necessities of the modern, eco-conscious woman who maintains an active life. These multifunctional swimsuits make her feel at ease with her body, and at the same time beautiful and sexy.

The brand’s latest collection, Organic Abstraction, takes inspiration from the works of European sculptors Jean Arp, Anish Kapoor, Barbara Hepworth, and Constantin Brancusi. All four artists share a common theme: their works are emphatically abstract depictions of the female form that are brilliantly sculpted in granite, limestone, marble, polished metals, and various recycled elements. The creativity drawn from these muses allows allSisters to communicate their love of nature and the female form in a visual language of organic yet sleek and sophisticated designs, bringing forth Organic Abstraction.

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