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The Whiskey from Wyoming

Wyoming Whiskey is a traditional sipping bourbon from an untraditional place.

By 19th Hole Staff  |  April 4, 2018


Wyoming Whiskey Small-Batch Bourbon

Defined by its vast plains and the Rocky Mountains, Wyoming is where the untamed spirit of the West and majestic natural beauty invigorate your sense of adventure and inner freedom. The adventurous creators of Wyoming Whiskey are 4th generation Wyoming cattle ranchers, turned independent, family-owned whiskey makers.

Based in Kirby, Wyoming’s Big Horn Basin, Wyoming Whiskey is headed by the 33-year veteran distiller Steve Nally, who spent a major part of his career distilling for Maker’s Mark, and was inducted into the Bourbon Hall of Fame in 2007. The whiskey is crafted with hand-selected, non-GMO corn, wheat and barley all grown within 100 miles of the distillery. Water for the recipes is sourced from a local mile-deep, limestone aquifer that hasn’t seen the light of day in over 6,000 years.

The result, Wyoming Whiskey’s flagship product, an award-winning Small Batch Bourbon, acclaimed as the traditional bourbon, from an untraditional place.

According to Richard Thomas at, “Wyoming Whiskey is a pleasant sipping whiskey. The nose is floral, leaning in the direction of wildflowers and herbs, telling you right away that it is a wheated bourbon. The scent also packs a hefty current of caramel. Yet at the same time I thought it was also just a little a bit on the rough and hot side.

The liquid has a light character on the tongue, with a flavor that is quite sweet, like a caramel candy topped with a sprinkling of powdered sugar. A note of green, wet wood is present, but not heavy. The flavor is altogether a different creature from the nose, as is the finish, which leaves a warm, but quite light afterglow”, says Thomas.

Wyoming Whiskey retails at between $45 and $50.


Wyoming Whiskey Small-Batch Bourbon

Wyoming’s Best Bartender Recipe

Wyoming Whiskey hosts the state’s best and brightest bartenders for a winner-take-all cocktail recipe competition.


by Chad Taylor of the Zinc Bar @ Amangani

“The Most Dangerous Bartender in Wyoming”


1.5 oz. Wyoming Whiskey

1/2 oz. Aperol

1/2 oz. Boulard Apple Brandy

1 oz. Sage Honey Tea*

*Sage Honey Tea


3 oz. sage tea

1 tsp honey

lemon zest

Method: Stir/Strain

Garnish: Sage Leaf

SOURCE: Wyoming Whiskey 

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