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Artisanal, Garden-to-Glass Cocktails

Bloomery’s whimsical SweetShine, premium, farm-fresh liqueurs will rock your end of summer parties.

By John Roberts  | Aug 17, 2017

Whimsical artwork from Bloomery SweetShine, the award-winning artisanal collection of all-natural, hand-crafted liqueurs.

It’s hard to believe that summer is almost over. Mix up your spirit selections and take your end of summer party to a new level with easy mix-and-go artisanal craft cocktails featuring Bloomery SweetShine’s award-winning line of all-natural, hand-crafted liqueurs.

Sustainably crafted with 100% natural hand-selected ingredients for a garden-to-glass experience, Bloomery’s whimsical assortment of SweetShine artisanal liqueurs are full of farm fresh fruit, roots and nuts paired with homespun syrups and corn likker—that’s it…there are no preservatives, concentrates or artificial ingredients. The freshness of Bloomery SweetShine’s ingredients cannot be understated, with all agricultural ingredients grown at the distillery’s farm, neighboring farms or other small American farms. Each item in the brand’s portfolio offers an exciting, unrivaled flavor profile.

Whimsical artwork from Bloomery SweetShine, the award-winning artisanal collection of all-natural, hand-crafted liqueurs.

Mastering mixology and becoming a “home bar rock star” is simple with SweetShine’s array of distinctive flavors that include “Moonshine Milkshake” Cremma Lemma, Black Walnut, Limoncello, Raspberry Lemon, Ginger Shine, Peach Shine, Chocolate Raspberry, Hard Lemonade and seasonal Cranberry Clementine and Pumpkin Spice. All are ideal for pairing with the premium spirit of your choice, vodka, bourbon, gin or champagne—just blend, chill and enjoy. SweetShine is also tasty as a beer topper or mixed into your coffee beverage.

“There is a growing resurgence with consumers who want to create craft beverages from high quality, fresh ingredients, but don’t want to be burdened with a drink that’s too complex to make,” notes Linda Losey, founder of Bloomery Plantation Distillery. “Our fans trust our brand in that area, and are comfortable and confident that when they grab a bottle of SweetShine, they can add it to any of their current cocktails and they’ll create a fresh, high-quality, cocktail that was a breeze to make.”

Whimsical artwork from Bloomery SweetShine, the award-winning artisanal collection of all-natural, hand-crafted liqueurs.

Each batch is individually proofed –the finished liqueurs range from 40° to 70°– and truly handcrafted. Bloomery SweetShine is currently distributed to retailers, bars, and restaurants in 42 states, with continuing national expansion.

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