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About Us

Life. Well Played.

“The intrinsic beauty of golf is that it challenges us as individuals. It is both a sport and a pursuit. It drives us to be better and rewards us with exhilaration. Most important, golf brings out our passion.”

19TH HOLE MAGAZINE believes that every round of golf is nineteen holes — eighteen played, and the one you live. The company’s motto, “Life Well Played” represents accomplishment, success and style — on and off the golf course.

Founded in 2007, 19TH HOLE MAGAZINE celebrates its 10th Anniversary in 2017, as an award-winning, après golf and luxury lifestyle magazine. Its unique approach fuses the sport with fashion, travel and pop culture — taking the reader beyond the country club, and blurs the line between lifestyle, and life’s passion.

Through incisive editorial coverage, engaging visuals, exclusive events, and a dedication to bridge the gap between golf and modern living, 19TH HOLE MAGAZINE continues to inspire, inform, and entertain its audience of upscale individuals, who value golf’s refined culture and other leisurely pursuits as an important part of their modern lifestyle.


Founded in 2007, 19TH HOLE MAGAZINE is an award winning luxury magazine and lifestyle brand – focusing on the savvy people, places, fashion and global trends on and off the course. The publication appeals to a sophisticated new global generation of players, affluent and trendsetting men and women who see golf as an important part of their modern lifestyle. The vision chronicles the glamour, essence, and après-golf lifestyle for today’s modern golfer.