Life. Well Played.

While some see golf as just a leisure activity, more see golf as a luxury lifestyle; this vision of golf-as-lifestyle has prompted a new attitude toward the sport and its fashion sense. THE 19TH HOLE MAGAZINE — “Golf’s Most Fashionable Publication” — is an award winning après-golf and luxury lifestyle magazine, focusing on the savvy people, destinations, fashion and global trends on and off the course.

As a multi-platform brand, THE 19TH HOLE MAGAZINE, and TV19 reaches viewers in the US and worldwide. Its readers and engaged digital community are cosmopolitan, intelligent women and men who have a passion for golf, travel, fashion, and a fine appreciation for glamour and luxury living.

Founded in 2007, THE 19TH HOLE MAGAZINE is the first publication in the USA dedicated to showcasing golf’s international influence on fashion and pop culture. Through innovative content, high-quality fashion imagery, unique events and strategic distribution, the magazine continues to evolve — redefining traditional golf culture, while bridging the gap between golf and modern living.

Available in print, online, tablet and smartphone — THE 19TH HOLE MAGAZINE is a unique omni-channel, which speaks to the new paradigm, in an ever growing and evolving global golf culture.

THE 19TH HOLE MAGAZINE believes that every round of golf is nineteen holes — eighteen played and the one you live. The publication’s “Life Well Played”  philosophy celebrates accomplishment, success and style beyond the links.